Monday, December 08, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 8 - Wrapping Paper

I've just been accosted at the door by two carol singers with very wobbly legs.


Their legs were going all over the place. It was too weird to be some kind of strange carol dance. And that's coming from a weird, strange person.

Poor things musta been cold so I sent them on their way quickly (with a small donation).

Wrapping paper ?
In case any price stickers are visible there, yes it is Sainsburys and other sellers of wrapping paper are permitted. Encouraged even. Find the most suitable for you !

But what I will quite happily say is that Sainsburys make the tastiest pasta bake ready meals. (And like all the endorsements I give, I've never been paid for any of them - more's the pity)*

*(us internet publisher people are having to be more careful about full disclosure - I don't monetise anything here, which makes me freer to say what I think. Although I do try to keep to the Say Nice Things principle)

I don't use wrapping paper much these days. The various groups I exchanged gifts with have faded away over the years. The locals gave up after it got too ridiculously expensive for us and the family have given up on the presents too.

There's a lot of stress involved in presents ... Both the giving and the receiving. The giver stresses about finding the right gift and the receiver stresses about thinking of a suitable range of gifts that they don't already own yet. And that's not thinking about the buying of them either. People go a little bit crazy this time of year around the shops.

I do miss the presents thing although it seems like the "traditional" times are geared around the commercial aspect and not the festival aspect.

Thanksgiving in the States is supposed to be about the pilgrims surviving those early winters. It's not about a frenzied assault on the shops and all who work within them.
Christmas should be about that certain festival, although that's a religion* thing coming in again.

*I respect people's religious wishes, although I don't really follow any religions of my own. I believe in a certain superstitious luck. It's only by a freakish combination of luck, through those early amino acids combining, our solar system producing a perfect planet, that correct level of radiation to drive evolution, all the rest of that luck that brings us to this world. And that is my answer to Why Are We Here ? But at the same time, I'll respect other people's religious views because that's a key part to understanding them as people.

I think at this time of year, I'd rather celebrate things like the Midwinter Festival on 21/22 Dec or New Year.

I should be around in Bristol for that Midwinter Festival too.

Hint hint ? Maybe - lol :-)

I talk a decent about the single ladies here. Part of that is in hope that they're listening, reading, watching. Another bit of hope is that they'll get in touch. Yep. Still single here and I know that a few of the regulars are still single too ... It might look here sometimes as if I'm chasing a bunch of different ladies. I guess I am. But there's a difference between chasing and committing.

Chase several - see a few ladies and find them to be highly interesting. Yes.
Continue chasing them all after one finds my heart ? No.

One last pic :
Perhaps. I hope they aren't dragons ! That said, certain dragons are cute. Certain dragons (of the Pern variety) are intensely loyal. May she be one of the cute ones, I know I'm one of the loyal ones.

ARG ! Too much Deep Thought for one post !

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