Sunday, December 28, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 28 - A Beautiful Sight

There's so much potential here ...

But we'll start with :
That's actually from what may turn out to be my last ever game of cricket. After two dim and dismal evenings for the first two, this one had brilliant sunshine and it wasn't hot but I remember it being warm.

Cricket on a sunny day, truly a beautiful sight.

Although I'll take your point, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But everyone must agree, there's no more beautiful sight than that of a Pretty Lady smiling. And that goes for all sizes, all shapes. I wish I had more of those pics !

Come to think of it, I need more pics of a certain little lady I've been calling Cupid's Gift. Cos when she giggles, that face just lights up. It's a very beautiful sight that I retain in my mind. I wouldn't post pictures of CG here though. She knows about the blog but I wouldn't post a pic without her permission.

Oh - special mention to SteamGirl too - she bought me stuff ! The three Bioshock games to be precise. She's someone I met in a games store, which is where common interest comes in. We've chatted on and off over Steam chat since then and occasionally buy each other stuff. She's a good friend. Sadly no pics but I can still remember that cheeky, chirpy smile from ... gosh must be well over 4 years ago now.

Pics - Public domain stuff (interweb + twitter) - different story :-)
That's Rhianna Pratchett, who's been treating us to some excellent stories in the gaming world recently.
And that's the Hannah who's been playing them on the youtube's for us. Not just a beautiful sight, also a truly beautiful voice.
And you can't mention Hannah without mentioning her partner in horror, Kim. That smile.
That's Ming-Na Wen, who I first started following from her time in ER. She also voiced Aki Ross, scientist in the Final Fantasy movie (lovely purring voice) and is now being totally kick ass in Marvel's Agents of Shield.

And talking kick ass ladies, I'm currently (half! cos I've seen it a few times now) watching The Librarian. It features another ER actor, Noah Wyle, being charming as always as a modern day Sherlock Holmes type character. He's not a detective, the character has the observational powers of a Holmes but they're put to a different use. It's a charming mini series that has developed into a tv episodic series and I'm looking forward to catching up. The kick ass lady in this one is one Sonya Walger :
Also with brilliant smile.

I think that's enough pics for one day. Although there can never be enough beauty around. It comes in all sizes, all shapes (and although I rarely* mention it - all races). And it's not just appearance, it's the voice as well. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the intermingled voices of The Staves again the other day. Check out the Day 16 Favourite Christmas Songs for an example of a beautiful sight combined with a beautiful voice.

*(I mention it today because someone's just tweeted about a nasty racist comment directed her way and I'm hoping a mention above will counteract that)

Last one ?
That's an old one. That's actually me, if you can believe it. But the beauty here is in that athlete of a puppy, aka Goldie the lab. He was fast. That athetic body of his hid muscles that propelled him ultra fast. He was faster than me ! When I could run Mega Warp Speed too.

A happy dog giving a bit of love to his master is also a thing of beauty. I miss Goldie as I miss Scruff and as I miss Ben when I'm not around him. Wonder when I'll be in a place where I can have a pooch partner ?

Cya tomorrow :-)

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