Thursday, December 18, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 18 - Stockings

Whatever could we use for stockings ...

Well, I can think of something that ends up being very photogenic in stockings ...
Haha - I suspect you were thinking of something different ...

Ok. You thought it, you asked for it (beware mental scarring again)
Yogscast strike again :-)

Gotta admit, I'm really flagging at the moment. It must be the after effects of yesterday's Xmas party but I'm quite drained now. Definitely looking forward to the Xmas break now. Just one more day to go. So what happened yesterday ? Can't remember what I wrote actually (brb).

I drank wine ... That doesn't happen too often. I tend to avoid alcohol due to unfortunate ill tendencies ... I was the only one on our table drinking the white wine and ended up having maybe 4 glasses, most of the bottle.

Oops. I wasn't ill or anything. I didn't actually notice the wine too much. I definitely noticed the freebie rose wine we had before going in for the dinner.

Nah - it's the walking that got me. I went on a rather strange route, Google reckoned it was 2 miles, I reckon I must have walked at least 3 on that leg, plus another mile after that. It just happened to take me past the Happy Cookie Place again ... All those miles have settled into my legs and made them rather stiff and sore today.

However ... one thing I'm happy about is that I'm able to do that indefinite walking thing again. That would have been difficult a month or so ago when there was still swelling in my legs and ankles. Pretty much all of that's gone now. Hurrah ! I'm still looking like I've been dragged through that thornbush but at least I have most of my mobility back again.

Wow - this post has ended up longer than expected. Tiredness meant I thought I'd just post the pictures and run. But not before saying ...

I may be tired, fatigued and waiting to collapse tomorrow night but - Cupid's Gift is still making me laugh out loud with the random text messages.

Beware - I may end up being insufferable with mentions of Cupid's Gift :-) The image of her lovely bubbly chuckle is one I'm desperately trying to retain in my mind !

Before I go, if anyone sees me doing this at work tomorrow :
Or just tell me there's been a text come in from Cupid's Gift. That'll wake me up.

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