Thursday, December 25, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 25 - Your Christmas Day

Christmas Day !

Happy 25th December - hopefully you enjoy this day and have some people to be around. Not sure what I'll be up to today (I'm writing on the 24th ...) but it'll involve :

Being with family
Chilling out
Possibly watching Doctor Who
Maybe watching Strictly
Seeing what Cupid's Gift got me

We'll see.

But ... I know that a lot of people will be out there doing the christmas thing on their own. Parents and friends elsewhere. Hopefully you have some people to be around. But if you don't, this is my gift to you :
Even if you are around people, I send this hug as my gift to you.

But especially you. That's you. The one who is missing friends or family.

I send that hug to you. I hope it gives you a smile :-)
Happy 25th.

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  1. I got a Philip K Dick book - The Game Players of Titan and an igloo of chocolate penguins.

    The penguins may not survive the day ...

    Happy Xmas everyone ! (Including the penguins)


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