Friday, March 29, 2019

Top Ten Video Games of All Time

Another meme is doing the rounds ....
Top Ten Video Games of all time ! This one is supposed to be thought of really quickly, so I'm going to brain dump first and then you'll see the filled in post eventually when I hit that publish button.

1. Elite
And its various incarnations over the years. I've played the original on the BBC B, Elite on the Atari ST, Frontier Elite 2 on the ST, attempted Frontier 2 on the PC (far too buggy) and enjoyed Elite Dangerous as well.
These games are an open ended dream, allowing you to set out on an alternate life as a space trucker, mercenary, bounty hunter or a mix of all that. And they all looked amazing in their day, with the latest game being perhaps the most beautiful game I've played.

2. Master of Orion 2
Ahhh, an oldie but a goodie. Think Civilisation mechanics translated into space, centred around stars with a planet to colonise and fleets of spaceships going all the way up to Death Stars to impose your will on the rest of the races of the galaxy. Perhaps a bit of a one trick pony with the races though, as it had a mechanic where you couldn't have all of the technology unless you were Creative, so there were race picks that were massively overpowered. I hugely enjoyed losing days in this one until Stellaris came along.

3. Master of Magic
Another old classic. This one was again heavily inspired by Civilisation, however instead of human races with minor differences, this one had Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dragonpeople, Dark Elves, Trolls and more, each having far more major differences, advantages and disadvantages. This is a legendary game and I really must give Endless Legend another look as the most recent attempt at doing this type of game again.

Oh and one thing this had which was a major plus over Civilisation, there was a tactical battle layer in which to resolve the fights between your units and heroes. Civ never, ever had that. And your character could take an active role in your campaigns, with world altering spells on the strategic scale and the ability to unleash fireballs, lightning bolts and the apocalyptic flame strike in the tactical layer.

4. Revs
This was another game that really pushed the boundaries of what was possible on these first home computers. Revs was a game by Geoff Crammond for the BBC Micro back in the 80s which had you racing around old Silverstone in a Formula 3 car. It was amazing for its day and I loved playing it. There was later an expansion which brought more tracks and it was developed into the Microprose Formula 1 Grand Prix series of games. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the original ideas were carried through to the F1 games of today.

5. Neverwinter Nights
This was a Dungeons and Dragons game from Bioware, which was their next game after the legendary Baldurs Gate 1 and 2. But whereas I bounced off the more acclaimed Baldur's Gate games (and haven't finished either), I was happily addicted to the less complicated but far easier to play Neverwinter Nights. The innovation here was to take the 2d isometric games into the 3d world, within the limits of what could be done at the time again. When I'd finished this game with one character, I was very happy to dive straight back into it with more characters to play through the game in vastly different ways. And then I did the same with the two expansions and the Player Race Consortium (or something other for PRC!) pack which added in all of the 3.5ed Prestige classes for even more variation.

6. Tie Fighter

Another Star Wars game from the mid 90s and another cracker. Whereas the original had you flying for the Resistance in an XWing, this one had you flying for the Empire in their mix of TIE fighters, bombers and interceptors. A fantastic game with a gameplay model which was immensely satisfying. It was superbly balanced between rewarding reflexes, introducing adrenaline and avoiding the frustration that games like this from that time could introduce.

The area where a lot of these games fell down on were missions which were just plain silly, which must have been designed as gateways to stop you completing the game too quickly. Missions with instant fail conditions or where the opposition was just plain daft. You'd play the mission perfectly but because some part of the AI did something silly, you'd fail and not be able to progress. This one was difficult ... but still very possible.

7. Deus Ex Human Revolution
I was very happily addicted to this one when it came out. It didn't do everything that games like even the older Deus Ex did but what it had, it did incredibly smoothly and accurately. The gameplay was tuned to perfection. And I enjoyed the storyline too, completing this game numerous times.

7.5 Mass Effect series
I nearly forgot this one ! How could I ! You play as Commander Shepard, an elite space marine who finds her(him)self on a crusade to save the galaxy from the implacable Reapers. Another classic from Bioware, although it's a shame that ME3 and ME-A suffered from interference from the publisher and were rushed out before they were ready.

8. Motorsport Manager
I'd been after a good racing manager game for quite some time before this one appeared. It's given me excellent chill out times while still being somewhat of a challenge to win. Your decisions have a genuine impact on how your people do in the race and it's no cakewalk. However, the one criticism I'd have is that when you figure out the metagame of how to rapidly grow your team, your group will outstrip the competition in the space of a season or two and then the challenge starts to go.

9. UFO and XCom
These games have been going for years ... decades ! The idea is that aliens have arrived to invade the Earth and your covert XCom organisation is the only thing standing in their way.
These games depend on a steady ramp up of difficulty where more advanced and deadlier enemies appear as your organisation researched the technology to match them and eventually figure out how to repel their invasion. Take too long though and the aliens will win and that's curtains for humanity.

The original game had you starting with 10-14 soldiers, going up to 26 later. It had a sequel called Terror From the Deep and then XCom Apocalypse which added a real time mode. I hugely enjoyed Apocalypse but it did get grindy at the end. The less said about XCom Interceptor the better and then the series effectively died until the recent XCom reboot. The two newer games are excellent as well.

10. Starfleet Command
Lastly for this set is the Starfleet Command games. These were based on the tabletop Starfleet Battles game and is another set that I hugely enjoyed.
The first 2 games covered the Original Series Kirk era, with SFC3 moving to the TNG era. Whereas most of the real time strategy games of the time were based on basic hit points and other resources, this one was about single ships and put much more detail in there. Shields with recharge rates, power generation that had to be managed between systems and it was much slower and strategic.

The story based campaigns were excellent but it was a shame that the online Dynaverse system didn't work too well.

Did I mention being able to customise your Star Trek ships too ? These were excellent games.

Honorable mentions go to :

Stellaris - took over from Moo2 as my space strategy game but the 2.2 patch has damaged it considerably.
Falcon 4.0 - I need to play more flight sims and greatly enjoyed this one. It had the combat elements, the flight elements and put them into a dynamic war campaign.
Star Wars Pod Racer - so close to being in the Top 10. Thrills and adrenaline and fun.
Defense Grid - a tower defense game with a dangerous high score system ... The idea on these is that you have to set up the defense towers to beat back massive waves of enemies of increasing strength and the challenge is to keep enough in hand that you can stay ahead of what you need to stop them winning. I much preferred this one to the sequel.
Planetbase - a chilled out space colony builder game which suffers from very dumb colonist AI.
World of Warcraft - the open world exploration and questing is brilliant, with humour and fun all over the place. But it's let down by the end game and the silly mechanics.
Battletech - I've been enjoying playing through the campaign again. The sad thing is, I know that it should have been better. There was a very solid table top game to build on and the stuff added by the developers just ... isn't very good. There is very little variation in the non story missions beyond "Drop and murder twice your strenght in enemies, repeat in next battle".

That's me list ! Crikey this one has gone on for a while.

Oh - small announcement - I've really enjoyed doing the April 1st posts over the last few years but I may well be skipping it this year. Brain feels melty, this weekend is going to be quite tiring and I'm not feeling the ideas I have so far. We'll see if anything promising comes to mind over the weekend.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wednesday randoming

More random thoughts today !

I need to find some coherent themes for posts again. I've been struggling to find stuff to write about ! Also not drawn in a week either.
What's been happening ?

Work's been very busy, with me having good excuses to do some runs in the car to get to away trips. They've been mixed. Two trials were excellent, one was ... mixed feelings and then there was a safety meeting. No one really likes safety meetings, although the alternative to not doing safety right is to have things happen with your kit like what's been happening with Boeing's 737 Max airliners lately. Nobody wants lives lost due to safety negligence to be on their conscience. I definitely don't.

Oh eck, that was a bit of seriousness creeping in.

I help to support and test equipment that other people have to use later. I like to think that my efforts prevent other people from getting broken.

But yeah, getting out and about with work again has been great and the tiredness from long days (I'm 27 hours in credit on the flexi !) is being balanced from learning a huge amount on those away trips. Yep, I get a kick out of seeing what we deliver being used as we wanted it to be used and we deal with some quite unique exotic equipment.

Of course, that's led to home time being either recovery from those long days out or concentrated chill out time. But ...

Skyrim seems to have broken on me again. I run with a lot of diverse mods and the mods have either broken or stopped talking to each other ... Oh well. This one is an odd one ... Saturday was spent removing and reinstalling mods to try and fix it and I tried a reinstall of the game tonight, it's more stable but those mods are talking to each other even less now. Ho hum.

Computers are weird. I actually observed one issue on the trial yesterday that could be closely related to why my home networking doesn't work quite as intended here. Windows was never the most reliable thing.

Music wise and getting through the library, I'm approaching 3/4 through the library now. Only 4,745 songs (11.5 days) to go before I've listened to it all again. Getting there. The current album is Dreams, the greatest songs collection from the Cranberries. It's a great album to listen to.

Back to that networking, I may have to get a new wifi router. I keep having to reset mine to keep things talking. I also got an email from my ISP saying that they'd changed the software on my cable modem. Without telling me. It's supposedly doing more wifi tricks now, which I have specifically disabled because I don't want the neighbours to be stealing my bandwidth via Virgin Media sharing my connection without my explicit consent. (The VM cable modem router is also really bad at rejecting interference of which there is apparently significant amounts around here)

Car's doing great. And I have a suspicion that the last one had a broken power steering pump. The steering is much more fluid and smooth than in the last car. Oh and the front end has had suspension improvements too and lets you attack the corners with more confidence.

I've been losing days to Battletech as well. I've been rather enjoying playing that again, although I've hit that phase in the game where it gets pretty brutal. Bigger mechs appear with more weapons and it's more likely that arms and legs get blown off your own people's mechs.

Media ? I'm avoiding paying too much attention to the news because all of it just confirms what we've known for years. The people making the decisions in this country are utterly incompetent and self interested.

I've been really enjoying Star Trek Discovery again. The scriptwriters have been doing an amazing job of creating an exciting series with great characters where you have no idea what's coming next. They're borrowing ideas from old Trek, which is fair enough too and gives them scope for going straight to story with little introduction.

Ooo - feeling tired again now. I've given up on troubleshooting Skyrim for now, I'm probably missing something or missed reinstalling the mods correctly. It's weird.

It's videos at the moment with a HeyChrissa stream going on the laptop, music going to the hifi and game video catch up on desktop. I may pick up Embers of War again soon for more reading.

Last bit - odd phone stuff ...

I picked up another charging lead on Monday so I could charge the phone in the car and ... my original charging lead starts getting rejected by the phone with the claim "Stuff is moist, wait for it to dry out." Very weird. It was fine to connect in the car yesterday although there's weirdness with something called Mirrorlink. That's supposed to allow the phone display to clone to the car display but ... it just succeeds in locking out the phone and I can't get anything on the car screen yet.

Need to disable that I think.

Closing out - tired definitely, needing some recovery time, definitely feeling burned out on the internet. But work has been having its moments and I'm taking the chance for some time off before Easter which should get me back to feeling good again. Outsides are definitely much closer to being fixed, although those last few bits to heal are frustrating.

PS Captain Marvel was a fun film to watch. Recommended !

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Randomy randomness

Time feels like it's going in a blur at the moment !

Mind you, last weekend was busy. Actually feel really busy at the moment.

Oh ! Thumbnail pic :
That's the latest.

The hair is better. I'm still rubbish at faces. What's on the skeleton needs work. I cheated on the bike wheels and pedals, plus the bike is not tall enough. (The bike is too long and shallow). I like the dog though. And it's made people laugh. To get chuckles from people is the whole point of doing the drawing.

I'm steadily learning more about the Paint programme that came with the graphics tablet. I'm using a pencil tool to do the outlines, the hair highlights (and attempt at braids) and the freckles. The colouring is done via the airbrush tool. That's one odd thing, the Painter programme is very much additive colour. Adding something on top of something else will change the colour of both, even if you're working on different layers. That's a big difference to GIMP, where something on a higher layer will cover up what's below.

The Painter programme feels more natural to sketch in though, compared to GIMP.

Oh - this one was done at work last week after an incident where we lost our network connectivity.
Click for bigger as per usual. These were sketched in pencil over lunchtime (I had a longer than usual lunch in order to get that idea out of my head on to paper where it wouldn't cause any trouble - ideas can be distracting). And then it was later digitised via the phone camera at home (hence the rubbish quality !) and you'll probably detect where I was struggling with the paint tool in order to cover up the boomerang (supposed to be laptop!) that got turned into the keyboard and screen.

That's enough of the pictures for now though.

Last weekend felt nuts !

Friday was spent having a quick wander through Cardiff on the hunt for music shops and other curious places. I didn't find new music but I did find more sherbets. The sherbets have disappeared already.

I also learned to not attempt to escape Cardiff at 5pm on a Friday. You end up escaping Cardiff at around 6pm having not moved very much in the meantime.

And then I retreated my exhausted bones back home (via Sainsburys for a little recycling !) Ahh. Domestic stuff. Since I've been putting the plastic bottles in the recycling bins, my waste bin has needed emptying far less often by the bin men. The bottles used to go in there and they're a decent amount of volume.

I may have watched 24 hours + of motor racing last weekend. The World Endurance Championship was a decent 8 hour race and the next day I was following the Lexus RCFs again in the 12 hours of Sebring at the same track. The two Lexuses decided to take bites out of each other though and didn't repeat the promise they showed at Daytona.

And then there was the Formula 1. A decent season opener and it was good to see Valtteri Bottas emerging from out of the shadow. He had a really poor year last year. It's sad to see what's happened to Williams, from being up with the leaders, they're now firmly at the back. You can pretty much expect who's going to be fighting for the win in F1 but there's usually a decent amount of interest down the field for what's going on in the teams.

What else is going on - it was good to have the run in the car to Cardiff and back ... and I'm getting longer shakedown runs later in the week too.

Random aside - it's really sad to see the state of international cricket at the moment, he says after seeing yet another bowler resort to throwing the ball. Throwing has become endemic in international cricket. The door was opened with bowlers maybe 10 years ago getting away with the occasional throw ... and now certain bowlers are doing it all the time. A blind eye is being shown. Dale Steyn was an incredible bowler when he started, now he throws the ball and is actually less effective for it. Lasith Malinga had a wonderfully weird slingy action when he started. Very round arm but definitely a beautiful example of how to bowl in a completely different way to how you are taught to. Now it's like a javelin throw. It's also less effective because the throwing means he doesn't get the last instant boomerang swing any more.

And there are more in a similar vein too. It's quite sad to see once great players have to resort to that either through injury or age. Bowling the ball means you can put a lot of spin on it, which stabilises it for seam movement and gives gyroscopic action which causes the ball to swing round corners if done right. Throwing doesn't impart that spin on the ball.

I better stop whinging about that before the trolls find me !

Hectic couple of weeks coming up ... then I'll be escaping and chilling out for a week before Easter. Been feeling the need to take myself off somewhere and disconnect. The neurons feel a bit toasty. I do like to keep up with the various streams and communities though.

That'd be the fear of missing out ! Need to post more too :-D

Monday, March 11, 2019

11 Fictional Places to Visit

A meme ! Haven't seen this one before either.

At least, not before seeing it on Cyberkitten's blog on today's catch up. Here's a link to his post and his list. I've had a quick peek but I'll have a good look after I hit publish for this one. Don't want to be led too much by it :-).
Ok. The meme is 11 fictional places that you'd like to visit. You'll probably quickly guess what a few of these will be ...

First up, as suggested by the thumbnail is the Federation of Star Trek. And the other assorted worlds and empires that make up the Star Trek universe. They created such a rich and varied universe in Star Trek and around the various war areas, it seems a great place to live in. A utopia. But it's that richness that attracts one to Star Trek, there's something new to see in every light year and the ability to travel to see it.

In more fantasy territory, there are the Dragonriders of Pern. These are from the books of Anne McCaffrey and it was a fantastic series until it kinda ran out of steam when it finished its main arcs. However ! It has dragons. It also has fire lizards, or miniature dragons. The books I liked the most were the Menolly books, where she escaped from her early life and found wonder in music.
Third one will be the Culture universe of Iain M. Banks. You'll probably notice a theme where I'm looking out for the variety in the universe and the Culture is no exception. Humanity are overseen by Machine Minds, who take care of their whims. Humanity joins in with the ultimate variety via self modification. It's most definitely a utopian society, however there are always things nibbling at the sides, threatening the integrity of that utopia. And then there are the Minds and the often irascible drones that are a vital part of this system.

Fourth up is the Belgariad world from David and Leigh Eddings. These books were amazing for their character interplay, which brought a huge amount of fun to the books. However, the books also form a journey through the diverse countries and cultures that make up this world. Always something new to see and fanatic cultists to avoid in case they turn their beady eyes to your chest and the heart within.

Let's see. Babylon 5 has to be number 5. This was a very special series from the 90s and I was utterly glued to it throughout. This series was utter brilliance from start to finish. Threads were set up early that took seasons to develop. You had spectacular interplay between characters such as Londo and G'Kar. Susan Ivanova was an especially inspiring character. There was high drama, there was fun to break it up. It brought spectacular battles through innovative cgi. Hopeless battles and last ditch fights. Inner struggles and galactic wide conflict. This series was amazing, brilliant and I think I'll be watching it again after I'm done with Stargate.

These next two will probably go together. I'm a firm fan of The Expanse, although I'm not too sure about where it's going ... It's another rich world to lose yourself in although it's perhaps a little too polarised between the various communities. A dream given form with ports where diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs and wanderers gather. All alone in the night A dangerous place but our last best hope for peace.

Oh wait ... that quote is from Babylon 5. It's the season 1 intro and it's quite brilliant. Here it is voiced by Michael O'Hare who is sadly no longer with us. He had to leave the show due to severe mental illness, although his character Cdr Jeffrey Sinclair had a chance to return and complete his story. So many things about Babylon 5 were incredible and I would thoroughly recommend giving the series a watching.
Number 7 is the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. These called out to me right from the start as a triumph for engineering, especially Nadia's story as she's setting up the first Martian city.

Hmm, what shall 8 be ? Larry Niven's Known Space series is also an excellent example of diversity and wonder. But watch out for those Kzin because they'll eat you. The Rimworld books are books I would heavily recommend.

Number 9 is back to fantasy and it's a really dangerous place. It's the Warhammer Fantasy universe with a planet inhabited by your classic fantasy cultures, with man split up into several nations, there are the dwarves and elves, dark elves across the ocean and a few other cultures and races dotted around too. Always something happening, usually weird, usually with influence from the portals at the poles of the world from which chaos boils forth, corrupting the land around. Another dangerous place but full of adventure.

I think Number 10 has to be the near future, as a mix of the various cyberpunk worlds of games like Shadowrun and Deus Ex. Everything is possible, everything is feasible ... at a cost. These worlds dive into extreme modification and high technology with our minds breaching into the cyber world or being melded to cybernetic technology in the real world.

If the first is Star Trek, the last definitely has to be Star Wars. This is another galaxy of endless wonder and variety. There's always something new to see, a new scam to run, a scheme to evade and something of wonder to find. I think I'd choose the prequel era to avoid the Empire or the Old Republic era of the games, which was set around 4000 years before the films.

That's it for my 11, although honourable mentions must go to worlds like : Anne McCaffrey's Brainships, Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon's Sassinak series, the Honorverse from David Weber, Elizabeth Moon's universe that started up in Hunting Party, the Forgotten Realms of Faerun, the grim dark future of Warhammer 40k, the multiverses of Heinlein and .....

How could I miss this one out :
I'll make it 12 places and add the Discworld as the last one.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Upgrades and Sequels

Friday was car day !

This means you need a picture ....
There we go. Old grey shiny and new red shiny. And me, showing them both up.

It didn't quite go as per the original plan ... I'm feeling the burn out exhaustion creeping up on me again, which is one reason why there haven't been as many posts lately. I have my first week off of this year coming in the middle of April. Not too long to go. I'll have to find some excuses to go to places.

Plan A was to head off into Cardiff but I emerged from the car place a little too late for that. I also hadn't had any lunch because an unwelcome distraction at work needed stamping on. We're organised into Functions and mine has just woken up to something in my profile that I want to avoid doing ... I'll be removing it from my profile tomorrow, it's a skill thing which could pigeon hole me into a soul destroying dead end. I'm happy using that as a minor part of a main job, as I am at the moment but it's an area of non-engineering that I'm looking to avoid being dead ended into. However the functions think they can move people around to suit the whims of people demanding that other people be found to meet gaps they can't normally recruit into.

It's a really bad system and it's causing massive retention issues.

Anyway .... car ! Here's another angle :
The red works well.

The spec between old and new is pretty close. I have had a couple of upgrades though in a Protection Pack which includes parking sensors (very nice, I'd missed those), something shiny and chrome and some bits to protect the boot.

I think there are a few other small upgrades as well.

Plan A was to head off into Cardiff for some shop wandering and while I was at it, take some pictures of the car at the viewing spot by the Severn Bridge. Rain intervened with the bridge pics and I'd have arrived at Cardiff at about 4.30, just in time for traffic mayhem and with no time to bimble before the more interesting shops closed up.

But I did get a picture by a bridge :
So shiny you could see your face in it ! Maybe not. But if you look really close, there's a reflection of a me in that picture ... And the Avonmeads bridge behind it.

The travelling (including lunch at the really nice Gloucester services and a raiding of their farm shop) got me to Avonmeads just in time for the Lego Movie 2 which .... was still fun. Maybe not nearly as inspired as the first movie but still a lot of fun to watch.

That was pretty much me toasted for the weekend though, got back in time (via the supermarket !) to watch a great England thumping of the West Indies in the cricket. Definitely enjoyed watching that.

Oh and .... cake ?
Need more cake. (And the dwagon needed bigger legs !)

I've been in the games a little bit again as well, I dredged up an old save in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 (Kotor 2) yesterday and enjoyed bimbling around that. It feels incredibly linear compared to the first game though. Odd. There's a lot more shades of grey in this one though compared to other Star Wars games.

Need to have a look at Mutant Year Zero too, which arrived courtesy of Humble Bundle. It's another tactical style game.

But before then ... Roll4it has their Stargate Horizons finale tonight, there's more Eng vs WI T20 and I'm looking forward to a bumper weekend next week where it's :

World Endurance Championship at Sebring on Friday night (I'll record this and watch it Saturday);
Formula 1 is back in Australia (same with recording to watch at a more hospitable time)
And the finale of the Six Nations. It's looking like a Wales Grand Slam this year ... unless Ireland stop them.

Later !

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Preparations, Plots, Pizza ?

My mind seems a little fried still at the moment !

The bugs from last week must have had a bit of an effect. I'm still feeling the effects with a cough that isn't going away. (Feels like something stuck in the back of my throat being ticklish).

Hot chocolate helps.
That's a mk2 version of the Dwagon Pushes Coffee mug from last week. One of the streamer people who I occasionally watch is called Avery, aka Littlesiha (Twitch link). She's usually to be seen playing Just Dance and bopping along to it. She hopefully has as much fun playing and dancing as it seems on screen. Anyway, I thought I'd modify the mug to be a dancing Avery lady mug :-).

Still learning. I'm probably overcomplicating the drawing still as you can do some amazing things with simpler line art. Here's a childhood child favourite :
I don't rate his chances. That's from Calvin and Hobbes by the brilliant Bill Watterson. Check out his stuff.

But you look at what actually constructs that scene and the artwork is surprisingly simple. And very precise. I'm missing precision still.

But I'm having fun with it now that my brain seems to want to get back into drawing again after the bugs.
Anyone for pizza ? I'd like a bit of pizza.

Maybe Friday. That's the big day for car changing and it needs a little preparation ... which I think I'm pretty much there on. Hopefully won't forget anything this time. Let's see :

Registration document - got it;
Insurance all changed - sorted;
Extra key - found;
Blingy valve caps - gotta switch those (I use basic plastic ones because kids steal the metal blingy ones and set the alarm off)
Work car park pass - to do, early next week. There's no real rush here.
Empty all my rubbish out of the car - pretty easy because I try to keep things out of the car.
Can't think of anything else there. I'll wipe the car's memory as well before doing the handover.

I want to find where I put my Pebble extra battery for the phone, I haven't seen that since Roll4itcon in December. I suspect I've put it down somewhere and it's been covered up by books.

That's part of the plotting for Friday's pick up day actually. Plan is to head up to Cheltenham to do the switch in the afternoon and then I'll head back down the motorway with camera to take pics (and raid the fancy service station too). I'm planning to check out the viewing area for the Severn Bridges and then most likely, head into Cardiff for a wander.

Cardiff has books. Cardiff also has a Lego shop. (Mind you, Lego hasn't brought out many kits that I'm interested in lately).

I'll also undoubtedly pick up more music too as Cardiff has a few good shops for that as well. Film watching is likely too with Captain Marvel coming out this week. Should be good. I enjoyed watching XMen Apocalypse again on Friday evening.

My current book is Embers of War by Gareth L Powell and it's intriguing so far. Santorini by Alastair MacLean was excellent, I'll pop up a quick review of that one when I've drawn some Sleepy Does Cover Art for it.

One last one and then it's back to the penultimate episode of Stargate Horizons :
Not sure if that one has worked so well. But I think he's going to be enjoying those noms.