Monday, May 29, 2006

Old telly

Gosh - it's weird watching telly from several months ago. I've caught up on a couple of ER's today. I'm about two or three months behind on those and they are backing up pretty badly on the Sky plus box. Haven't got to Lost yet ;-).

Meme time ! This one is grabbed from CQ's blog ...

1 I am sleepy !
2 I want Mini Eggs to be sold all year round.
3 I wish for a period where I can be injury free.
4 I hate being left out of stuff.
5 I love pizza and interesting Irish girls.
6 I fear injury and the potential to be permanently disabled.
7 I hear News24 repeating the news again. (Alisha's Attic soon before raid)
8 I wonder why people are sometimes really stupid.
9 I regret acting too much out of instinct and emotion but only when that emotion is irritation.
10 I am not superhuman (stolen that line from a book).
11 I dance really, really badly....
12 I sing and then I know I need to replace the milk that just curdled.
13 I cry rarely, the last time was during an exam season.
14 I make people remember me, which scares me.
15 I write to express what I find difficult to say.
16 I confuse everyone as often as possible.
17 I need to feel I belong.
18 I should look after myself better.
19 I start books but have a bad habit of getting bored with them.....
20 I finish ... ermm ... what does the word "finish" mean ?
21 I would tag Craziequeen but she's done this one already!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cricket scoreboard

Hmm. I need to get back into the habit of making Blog entries !

Work's cricket 1 : Summer Weather 6

We've had one game so far but have had 6 rained off so far. Ah well. I changed my MSN suffix to "The sun is taunting me" on Thursday after the latest game got called off ... Dark and dismal up until lunchtime, which is when the game got cancelled. 5 minutes later, bright sunshine !

Also in the new - got a new monitor. The new PC bits made World of Warcraft look gooood ... the new monitor turns good into spectacular. Me happy :-).

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mood breaking

Chuckle - After the frustration of Friday's and Saturday's runs, I had a lot more fun today.

In the morning, I had the chance to let my warrior off the leash, this time just seeing how much damage she could do. So out came the pole that had previously only been used for dancing with. The pole hits harder than the weapons usually used, which helps when you're hitting lots of stuff at once.

Then we hit the Ahn'Qiraj instance, where we weren't totally invincible but we did manage to get three tough bosses down. It's a fun place is Ahn'Qiraj. The encounters are all "interesting", instead of just being a slugfest where the ranged people hammer the boss, the tank keeps the boss's attention and the healers keep everyone alive.

Nah - today it was Buru, Rajaxx and K Bug (can't spell the full name). Rajaxx hides behind something like 40 bad guys, so you have to make sure you have the endurance to get through. Buru ignores the tank until he's at about 20% health but then he does nasty things. Instead of following the tank, he picks one person who then gets chased. The person who is "IT" then tried to get Buru over an egg, which is exploded when Buru is over it for lots of damage to Buru. Challenge is to stay alive to get 'im :-).

Anyway, fun times - including the pvp battle I was involved in late. Thought about quitting because it appeared to be stalemate but good tactics broke the allies' hold on the place they were defending and we rolled them up from there.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

High and Mighty

Is of course referring to the visit by one of our bosses yesterday. This is the fella in charge of the person in charge of the team I work in at the moment. Seems pretty sharp or well briefed. He was asking all the right questions at least and appeared to understand the answers. Promising ... At least it didn't feel like a jolly little "it's all going horribly wrong and we're going to blame you for it" speech like the old one used to do.

2 frustrating evenings in WoW over the last couple. First up was a visit to the Molten Core last night, which showed exactly why you cannot afford to have passengers in raids. And we had plenty of those last night. It came to the point where even though I did take up mobs like I should have been, I didn't particularly want to because I knew incompetent healing wouldn't keep me upright while I did my job. More often than not, the only healing I got while keeping a mob's attention was from my own efforts.

Very frustrating.

And then tonight, I got saved by a phone call from the parents. We got taken into Black Wing Lair, which is the 40 person instance that's harder than the Molten Core. We went in short of people. Knowingly short of people. What's the point ? We're still learning the instance and we hadn't got the team that would have given us a chance. I think someone is losing the plot and it's causing wasted effort for the people who get dragged along. Anyway, I got saved by the phone call.

Ah well - at least England is doing well in the cricket, Go Monty ! and we got some medals from the karting to show off at work yesterday.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Karting tonight (or rather last night)

I'm still winding down from it ... Hopefully I'll be able to get up tomorrow morning ! It was an endurance event tonight, with 16 teams of 6. As you can imagine, with 16 karts zipping around on a track that takes only about 35-36 seconds to do a lap, it was pretty busy ...

I started off for our group in 5th and I don't think I did too bad. I think we were still 5th when my stint was over. I could maybe have gone quicker, perhaps I need to lose some more weight. I did struggle to come to terms with the track though. However, after that partial disappointment, I closed the gap a little to our ringer and regular karter ... My best lap was 35.02 seconds, his was 34.13 seconds. Last time we went karting, he was a full second ahead on a shorter lap ... so I'm catching him up :-).

So I wasn't the fastest ... but I was one of our most consistent, which is what's needed in an endurance event. The race started at about 8.45 and lasted 2 hours 30, so you can imagine the time I got home !

How did we do ? Well, we were the only team from our office at an event organised by our main contractors. They're gonna hate us for weeks. MUAHAHAHA !!!! We won, we got the medals, we took home the champers and we're going to keep those medals in plain sight for all the visitors from the contractor. That's why they're gonna hate us :-).

Consistency won us the night, we had one really fast guy who made up about 6 laps and 5 who were all up with the pace. We didn't make mistakes, drawing I think only 2 penalty flags.

My body's going to hate me tomorrow, especially my upper body. It's not used to driving a heavy handling kart for 25 full minutes. Definitely fun though :-)

Special mention goes to the organisers because the event wasn't just about the karting, we also raised £900 for a children's charity (I'll supply the name when I get it). Hope the girl who got a banged/sprained ankle will be ok, she was cute. But not as cute as the slim dark haired girl or the blonde who was bouncing up and down, drawing attention after showing how much she enjoyed her spell at the wheel. Which is what it's all about, lots of people had fun there tonight, including me !

Monday, May 08, 2006

New cricket season

It's upon us again :-) The season of rain and thunder is upon us and it's far too long since I put my last post on here.

What have I been up to ? Hmm. Can't rightly remember ... The most prominent bits would be :

Cricket season has started, we had our first game last week. I didn't do much apart from field, because our batsmen didn't give me the chance ! The other side couldn't get our boys out until near the end. I turned down the chance to bowl, as I still have an issue with my shoulder, as well as a mental issue around bowling that I have to get around. The fielding was really good though, as losing the stone in weight since last season seems to have resulted in me getting my running speed back. It was a good fun game.

Lol - "I'm the Doctor and I just snogged Madame de Pompedoir" - muahaha. (Guess what I'm watching)

Other stuff, Warcraft is still going well, I had the chance to take my warrior into the Molten Core yesterday. Possibly the most fun I've had in a Molten Core run for quite some time. Definite case of being let off the leash to bite as many things as possible, with no responsibilities, save keeping alive.

Yey ! Time for dinner. I hear the "your dinner is about to burn" bell ...