Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 30 - You

Almost at the end of these.

I'm going to miss this meme when it completes. One thing I struggle for is ideas when I post. But when I get one, it's Wall Of Text time. This meme has had me posting daily on fairly random and varied topics which has let me indulge myself. It's also let me indulge myself in finding funny pictures.

I think that's a new year's resolution - find at least one funny pic for each post. Not a bad resolution I hear you say ? Yep. I agree.

Pics ?
There you go. That's me. In a surprisingly decently smiley happy selfie. Wearing a hat of course. And that hat's popular too, I've had many an envious glance looking at that hat. It's waterproof ... Oh and that pic is the one I've been using on that dating site. It's had a few people looking my way :-)

Although - does it make me look like a bit of a scarecrow type person ? Needs more straw.

That's not actually the photo I'd picked out for today. This is it :
Sums me up perfectly don't you think ?

Bit more about me ? Apart from my mind, I'm so average that I rarely get that second look. I see this as a good thing, it means I can hide. And when I want to be noticed, out comes the crazy. Or the mind. Or the being nice. Yes, I can hide but plenty of people know and remember me.

That's a situation I like.

Something else I like - I've been doing some early days playing of Elite Dangerous today. I've had to bring out the flight stick for it, although I'm rapidly getting up to speed with the basic piloting for it. Docking is always interesting in games like this. Most space stations need you to fly into the inside through a small, narrow slit and then you find and land on your docking bay. It's a curious challenge to get the alignment done properly. Must find a Free-Look function to help out with that alignment.

Yep. Interesting game so far. I'm still in the starter ship, looking to jump up into an Adder (most of the ships in Elite are named after snakes, mine is a little Sidewinder) for extra cargo capacity. I must find a Cobra at some point although I have my eye on the fast Asp instead.

Wait ...
Will that sum up some people's thoughts tomorrow at New Year's Eve parties ? Haha :-) I'll be here enjoying some internetty type stuff, unless an offer comes up at the last minute.

Real People beats Internet, every time. Cya !

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