Saturday, December 13, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 13 - presents


So - change of plan. I was going to give a shoutout to someone for this post but ... Here's the replacement pic :
Pocket dwagon strikes !

This one's "It's A Present". I don't actually have that one. My pocket dragon collection used to be much bigger but Ravenwolf took custody of more than half of them when she moved out almost a decade ago (to be fair, she was the one who bought most of them!). Sadly, pocket dragons are no longer made, so you have to raid Ebay for them.

What was the presents post going to be ? One of the youtube people I keep mentioning does a series in December, an Advent series where they do videos opening what the fans send in. It's fairly amusing :-). But I'm not going to send shoutouts their way any more. (Ok, just the one, it'll be in a few days time)

That sounds a little petulant doesn't it ? I guess it does. Or it's just someone giving up and moving on after a multitude of attempts to get someone's attention in order to answer the need for them to find company. Or maybe that isn't their actual need ? They just say it on the videos to seek a certain response from the audience. That's a shame because the quality of the videos otherwise means they'd captivate that audience, without getting it from the emotional/protective response.

Either way, there's another little lady who's got my attention at the moment.

I watched Hobbit 3 yesterday with a very good friend (aka Luth). He's one of my movie buddies. I'll quite happily head off to the cinema on my own. I should really look at doing other things as well to get me out and about, bit cold at the moment to go walking up mountains though, or other stuff like that. Yep, Luth's one of the movie buddies, as are the Craziemob.

It's a mixed mob, each movie buddy likes different types of films. So where one wouldn't go to see Hobbit 3 (haha - I know how much CK loathes the suck everything out of the franchise attitude surrounding these films), another didn't want to see Interstellar.

I'm hoping I'll have another regular movie buddy :-) I'll be going to see Hobbit 3 again on Monday night with a Pretty Lady.

It's true ! I saw that look. Haha :-)

Actually, that brings me back to presents because I have a little preparation to do. First thought was to do that today but it looks like I missed a bullet. After today, there's only 1 more shopping Saturday until Xmas. Which means ... chaos. Looks like it was chaos out there today. I'll head in tomorrow instead for :

Bratwurst - yes, I'll miss that German Market when it goes.
Hot Chocolate - yes, I'm addicted again.
Presents ... What can I say ? I like doing nice things for people.
Happy Cookie Place - those cookies ! sooo good.
Early buying of the tickets - I don't think they'll be booked out. Friday was close but that was opening night. Monday's tend to be quieter (unless it's a one time in the week 2001 showing !)

This next week will be fairly busy. A night out with the Pretty Lady on Monday, an afternoon/evening with the team on Wednesday (not convinced how long I'll stay out) and pre-break shopping to sneak in some time too.

I'm looking forward to the break. It'll be a chance to heal and a chance to hibernate. The healing is positive and negative. I am genuinely healing but it's still ridiculously easy to set it back through ill discipline. I'd hoped to be healed up by now but it's still taking its time.

A new telly might appear ... But it will depend on the right offer being in place. My requirements are :
Big Screen - 55 inch preferred.
4k ultra HD resolution.
High processing rate - this affects the smoothness of the movement between frames. And now I know what to look for, a low processing rate (like on the Samsungs) is really noticeable. They're ok for static images but I was starting to feel ill watching them.

It could be an LG Big Telly. But ... It needs the right offer and I really do need to fix a couple of other things :
The heating - it's ok for heating water but it really needs fixing.
The washing machine pipe - it's leaking more and more over the course of a wash.
And generally making the house suitable for visitors.

I suspect the pipe will be an easy fix, outside of getting access to the back of the washing machine. It may not even need replacing (I suspect a bad washer).
This has gone into random thoughts territory hasn't it ?

Time to concentrate on the music again. I'm getting closer to listening to everything, although 2 more soundtracks appeared today courtesy of's sale. There's only 800 more tracks to listen to. That'll take me into the new year.

Especially as I have this habit of adding more stuff to the library !


  1. Oh, as Oscar Wilde so brilliantly said: Women are meant to be loved, not understood. I gave up trying to understand them years ago. I suggest you do the same.

  2. Haha - go along for the ride and hang on like crazy :-)


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