Monday, December 22, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 22 - Cookies



I'm going to miss the Happy Cookie Place when the German Market completes :
Those cookies are large. Think 4 inches in diameter (maybe - mine are all gone so I can't check) and about a centimeter thick. I know ! I know ! Mixing units in the same sentences is naughty.
I apologise. But not for the cookies. They're awesome. Cupid's Gift has been liking them too, really glad I picked up on the marble cake hint to prod me into passing on some cookies :-)

I didn't escape the house today but hopefully will tomorrow. And then I'll pick up even more cookies. Other cookies just don't really compare. And they have cake too. Cake that is bigger than my hand. And to prove that the cake is not a lie :
Yep. Big cakes.

Holiday stuff ?

I've been trying to remember how to pilot again ... I've beaten the combat challenges on the Elite Dangerous tutorials (at least up to the Sidewinder vs Cobra one - got bored after) but it was a bit of a job relearning how to fly ... Crikey that's been a while. Space combat is very different to air flight maneouvres. It's free in 3 dimensions and the controls in Elite : D at least means you're pitching up rather a lot (because the turn rate is better in that axis). To follow someone you'll roll so they're on that vertical axis and then pitch to get them in your gunsights.

Air combat is totally different - you're fighting gravity and you're also interacting with a fluid (the air). So whereas in space combat, going up causes no problems, going up in air combat means you're turning your speed into height and you're subject to the g forces that space games forget about. You lose speed, which means you're likely to stall. So in air combat, it's either done at range with missiles or you're rolling and using the elevators to turn. It's done on the flat rather than in the vertical.

But it's taking a while to get used to the game again. And ... so many keys ...

Been listening to music, I'm steadily getting my way through the library. Although, there's still new stuff appearing in it. I've been enjoying listening to the legend that was Frank Sinatra crooning old classics. He was amazing. There's 588 tracks to go, or 1.4 days of listening. I might get close by the end of the holiday. It's only been ... 14 months so far since I reset the library when I moved it to the Macbook ?

Oh - mentioning that ... I get a lot of frustration with my Windows 7 desktop. Things like it not wanting to talk over the network to my phone or the printer. So for the Elite keys, I was printing from the Macbook after giving up on the desktop. Meh. Windows has always been daft when it comes to connectivity.

Cookies ?
Clever dog. Last one :
Gonna have to lose some weight again in the new year. I blame a combination of winter SAD and immobility. But I'll be walking to the bus again in the new year, so I should shift some of the weight.

Make that a new year's resolution !

Cya tomorrow :-)

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