Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December Photo Challenge - Candy Cane


Day 2 and I've already had to cheat :
Don't you worry, I'll be cheating much more over the next few weeks.

I don't actually have any candy canes in the house. It's not something I tend to have. The sweeties I have are :

Pure chocolate - well, someone has to eat it to relieve all those on a diet of the temptation.
Lemon Sherbets - love 'em. But I think I'm allergic to the lemony bit.
Fruit Pastelles - these are the current non-chocolate sweetie of choice, although I'm having to be careful because they ... erm ... do strange things to my digestion.

What do they say about nice things ?

That they come with a price ? Sure do. I fully intend to have a pizza for the Hannah and Kim stream tomorrow and I will love every bit of it. I need a pizza for two reasons : Cos it's pizza. And because I plan to take a pic to use on day 12. But it will exact its price afterwards. (The cheese causes me to make too much acid)

More non-chocolatey sweeties ?

I'm a cookie fiend. No cookie is safe. Some muffins are safe, that'd be the ones with anything resembling healthy stuff in. So keep your blueberry muffins for yourselves and save me the triple chocolate ones.

Cupcakes ? I used to love lemon topped cupcakes but ... see above for lemon sherbets. Allergies can be very cruel sometimes.

Marshmallows. Not had those for ages. That might be a partial answer for my current energy debt problems* because they're pure sugar. I may pick some up when I avoid the Hat Films stream on Thursday.

* I have a huge suspicion that I'm one of the masses who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I've been struggling for energy, despite having a bit more sleep lately. I have the usual suspects for it - difficulty getting going in the morning, tendency to oversleep (yep, combined with inability to get to sleep), I've got real munchies and want to be continually eating, I'm having issues with concentration. (Yep - I'm reading off the symptoms from Wiki, partly cos I recognise them in myself).

Oh and there's the Thorntons stuff ... Butter Tablet is also pure sugar pretty much. Crumbly goodness. And I'm also a sucker for their chocolate mouseys.

But outside that tendency for SAD, I still get that lift when seeing familiar looksees in the hitlog here, when I get texts or messages from people, when I get the Big Smiles from the ladies in the office. Even better when the giggles hit them.

The counter to that is when I write nice things about people and when I tell them, they don't bother to look. That's a little sad. I get sad on their behalf. (I know one peeked - Hello Dodger!) But ...
I do like writing nice things about people. It makes me feel better. If they don't look, they're the ones who have missed out.

I may have some more of my guilty pleasure later - popcorn ! Dinner first though, it's about to come out of the oven.


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