Saturday, December 06, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 6 - Christmas Lights

I confess.

I had a plan to get a picture of Christmas Lights. He says. I just overlooked one thing ...

Get the picture at night time !

Here we go :
That's from Cabot Circus in the middle of Bristol. It's our fairly new shopping centre and ... it's actually pretty decent too. I have a problem with our local Cribbs Causeway Mall - there's only a couple of shops that sell things I'm interested in. There's no competition any more.

Well - the competition is there, it's just in the online domain. But one thing the online people don't give is the chance to wander around the shops, milling around just being around the people. I'm one of those who is fairly solitary but I can't be without human contact for long.

I get cabin fever if I'm in the house too much and you can probably imagine the conflict between that cabin fever and my condition with my outsides. Being lonely makes me want to get out more, looking (and feeling!) like I've been dragged through thornbushes makes me want to hide inside.

I do need to get around those Cabot Circus shops some more. Why ?

The Happy Cookie Place (see yesterday's post and I'll post the pic again in a few weeks).

If you find yourself at the Bristol German Market, you need to have a few things (allergies and dietary preferences permitting !) :

Bratwurst - you need it
Hot Chocolate - with or without the alcohol. Or Coffee if you prefer that.
Visit the Happy Cookie Place*
Visit the cake shop
Buy a minion

I haven't bought a minion yet and I need one. I need a minion hat too if I can find one. *I bought 2 cookies there yesterday plus a cake. The cake was bigger than my hand.

It was gert lush. As was the cookie. (Doh - slipping into the accent that the "German" Happy Cookie Seller Lady was sporting)

Back to the decorations thingy ...

Why did I want to take the picture in the dark ? So the lights would show up more ! The lights in Cabot are quite pretty. They're understated but really actually a quite tasteful addition to the town centre.

Oh - I mentioned coffee and cakes ... One last pic before I go :
I will adore that cake. But I'm not desperate. I just :

Adore cakes and ...
... Hate to see good coffee go to waste.

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