Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 24 - Family

I'm going away for a bit, so it's going to be a few short posts ...

I'm actually writing them now but asking Blogger to delay posting them until the right day.

Family ?
Wow - that's an old one. (hence the couple of spots). It's from well into last century, it's from when we were growing up in Northern Ireland.

I don't think my sister has actually changed that much since then, you could probably recognise her still from what's up there.

Family is where I'll be going - it'll be the first time I've seen inside the new house that my parents have moved into. It'll be a quiet christmas, we don't really do much for it any more, except gather together as a family and celebrate still being that group.

No presents, although I still have the present from Cupid's Gift that I'm looking forward to opening tomorrow and discovering what's inside. I think I'll be picking up something from around where the parents are to hopefully get to CG in time for New Year.

That's it for today ! Short post but ... I'm about to write some more while I still have access to all my pictures :-)

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