Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 16 - Favourite Christmas Song

Ooo. Let's see ... Could this be an excuse for a music post ?

Picture first.
That's one of the opening frames of Kim's So This Is Yogscast, one of their Xmas songs from last year. And, like the lady herself, it's a little cracker. Linky ! Go check it out ! It's guaranteed to :

Make you go ahhh with the cuteness
Have you sing along
Get you falling in love with this little lady
Give you an appreciation for the fun that these people have
Show you how they can transfer that fun to the audience.
Have you joining in with that effervescent Kim-chuckle at the end.

Yep. It's still one of my favourite christmas songs. I wonder if Cupid's Gift sings ? I hope so, although the bubbly chuckle she has is enough for me. She definitely likes very similar music to what I do, including getting me remembering The Cranberries and one of their highlights - Dreams.

Word of warning though, the two christmas songs this year are ... 1st one - very poor and 2nd one - objectionable and likely to get banned. Actually the first one has redeeming features (it has Hannah and Kim singing and showing up the boys) but I wouldn't be surprised if the second gets banned. Actually, don't ban it because that just leads to more publicity. That's enough about this year's songs, check out this one !

More songs ? More pics ? Let's see :

Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews did an incredible version of Baby It's Cold Outside. Love it.

Kirsty MacColl had the voice of an angel, which was lost to us far too early. Here's her version of Fairytale Of New York. (Warning - strong language)

Going back a bit (and grabbing a pic!), a childhood favourite : Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
Going back even more, Eartha Kitt's voice is perfectly suited to Santa Baby (wonderful song). As is Yogscast - Hannah's ... although her version is way naughtier ;-) (Haha - I'm not linking Arthas Baby !)

And ... I just watched Arthas Baby again (the one on youtube with the Yogs reactions) and ... No way I'm linking that ! (lol). But I've given you enough hints that you should be able to find it. Beware mental scarring.

One last one. Elaine Paige is one of many artists who have done Christmas albums and the highlight from her's is the heartwarming The Coldest Night Of The Year (Incredible Phat). Lovely.
Nite folks - back tomorrow with holiday movies.

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