Thursday, December 11, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 11 - Green

To be honest,

I still don't have much of a clue for a Green themed photo post. I have another pic coming up later in the month which has lots of green in it but ... I have another theme in mind for that.

How about - anti green ?
Why green ?

Cos the terrible threesome above are sitting in a green screen room, with the image superimposed on top. Or the game video is there instead. Haha - ok, yep. It's a terrible excuse for a green theme but ... the livestream last night was worth it.

More background ?

From left to right in the pic is Killer Kim, Stupendous Simon and Horrible Hannah. They're all 3 members of the Yogscast and (Lewis too), they're the driving force behind Yogscast. They put out incredible amounts of content. They (well, Hannah & Kim !) do the serious reporting. They keep the standards, they set the tone.

What is that tone ? Why do I keep coming back to watch them ? It's :

Empathy with the game characters and ability to carry the audience along with that.
Incredible voices.
Interesting* content.
*(even when the games are rubbish, Hannah & Kim will make the videos worth watching)

In a time when my own game playing and my reading have suffered due to the secondary effects of my illness, firing up the videos these two ladies make has kept me going. They're awesome. Their spontaneity and intelligence genuinely adds huge value to the games on screen. You could say it's the gaming version of the audiobook, except they're adding their own comments to the literature of the game.

And those comments can be truly hilarious or deeply saddening, depending on what's going on. I'm rewatching Kim's The Last Of Us series at the moment, that's an example of the sad videos, as was her playthrough of Valiant Hearts which showed the building horrors of the first World War. Hannah's just attacked the first episode of Telltale's Tales of the Borderlands, which I found so amusing that I'm catching up with her Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us series.

May they stay in the video game ... game ... for many more years to come. They're awesome.

So why highlight for this post ?

Yogscast do an annual charity drive with livestreams all the way through December. They've raised $483,000 so far this month, at time of typing. That's pretty good for an internet channel. Hopefully they'll smash through $1m by the end of the month.

I think we need a little bit of linky love ... Here's Hannah's channel, here's Kim's. Enjoy ! And I think we need another pic. Just for Hannah & Kim :
You definitely were last night on the livestream. Oh and, last one, especially for Kim after some words that ended up on the end of the competition instructions :
Muahaha. Cya tomorrow.with "joy is". No - it's not going to be "Hannah and Kim sing", although I'm tempted. I have something else in mind ... Haha, it's not going to be "Pete gets to see movie with Pretty Lady" (Hobbit 3 Monday !) either :-).

PS There's one coming up with the theme "presents", I have something in mind involving another shoutout but if Hannah objects (I hope you scan this milady !) then I'll come up with something different.

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