Wednesday, December 03, 2014

December Photo Challenge 3 - Tree !

Day 3 !

Christmas tree day today.
These trees these days. No staying power.

I should clear a space so I can put my tree up. I have to admit, it's not gone up for too many years. I just never really seem to get around to it.

I have a night in planned tonight. I mentioned that there's some livestreams going tonight and it's Hannah & Kim's turn tonight and the plan is :

Watch the end of the cricket. Could be a close one ...
Ignore the warm up stream (they don't really excite me but at least it's not a case of turn off as soon as they come on - like the people tomorrow)
Grab a pizza after the cricket
And hopefully get back in time for the start of the Hannah & Kim fun.

It's onesie night tonight and I feel I need one so I don't feel left out. Here's one :
So cute.

And the onesie ain't bad either.

Another reason for the pizza is that I need a picture of it for a post later in the month.

Oh dear - looks like England are falling to bits after a promising start. I may have more time for pizza collecting than I thought.

Cya tomorrow !

And the update - England won ! Yey ! Yogstream - disaster with lots of R.I.P. stream. Oh well. But we did get to see our Kim & Hannah for a little while at least and I read a few chapters of book while waiting for the stream to come back up.

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