Monday, December 29, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 29 - Scarf

Warning ...

Selfie alert :
Yep - tis I. Not sure if I've posted a modern day pic of myself here before. There you go ! :-)

Question - why am I always so serious when taking selfies ? My camera doesn't like me I think. I have a better one to come tomorrow.

The scarf is my only scarf, bought at Wembley in the summer when I took my dad to see his team play in the play off final that saw them promoted to the second tier league of football here in the UK.

It's a Rotherham United scarf and I bought it mainly in anticipation of having to stand at cold bus stops waiting for the bus. I've had to use it less than I thought but I'll be on the bus again from the start of January. Oh well. What that does mean is lots of walking, which my legs will definitely appreciate.

How have I been doing ?

Well, over the last week or so, lots of healing ... Good times. Genuinely good times. It's still silly easy to set the healing back but it looks like my body is finally getting on top of repairing the damage. The bad bits are being steadily reclaimed and skin is feeling genuinely good again. You can probably tell it has been a good break so far.

I'll say a bit more on Wednesday when I do a bit of reflecting on the year. I think.

And I just spent a couple of minutes searching Google for "Funny Scarf". Found nothing suitable ! Ah well. I do need another picture though.
Yep ! You ! If you're reading this, see above. I like you :-).

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