Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 23 - Fun

What's our definition of fun ?

For me, a lot of the definition of fun is to be doing things that make people smile. To enjoy. To smile, to grin, to laugh. Sometimes there's some running around involved too. Perhaps a little danger.

I know one thing that made me feel much more involved on the cricket field was fielding close in where you depending on your reactions to avoid getting hurt when the cricket ball came zinging in at your head. Ok, it was more using those reactions to quickly gather the ball and ping it back in. A competition if you will, where my skill is put again the batsman's speed. If I win, they're run out and heading back to the pavilion. If they win, they score another run and come back for another go.

I used to really enjoy fielding close in, it was where I'd feel most involved in the game. Of course, a bit of sun helped out too, until it got in your eyes. But ... warm sun beat dazzle any time.

Pics ?
I couldn't mention playing in the sun without using that one.
Watching stuff and playing stuff counts for a lot too. Going through that A to Z :

A, D, E, G, K, M, S, T, V, W, X - I'm a huge sci fi fan, including all those represented by these letters. That'd be Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, Battlestar Galactica*, Doctor Who, Firefly and Babylon 5. I've had lots of fun with the games, the books, the telly stuff and the movies.

*(I still think the old one was better - but then again, the new one was tarnished for me by them running out of ideas for how to continue after New Caprica - their artistic well ran well and truly dry)

Bebop is one anime I've never watched, although I am looking forward to watching Outlaw Star again.
Challenger was sad, both for the two lost shuttles and for the fact that we don't seem in the business of space exploration seriously at the moment. Hopefully that will change with Orion.
Fireball XL-5 was good fun. It was a Gerry Anderson series before Thunderbirds, which featured the Zero-X.
Heart of Gold is from Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Must watch the BBC series again.
Ishimura - don't know that, although I suspect it's anime again like Space Battleship Yamato.
Jupiter II is from the Lost In Space, which was pretty bad but I still enjoyed it all the same.
Lexx was weird. Very weird.

Normandy is the star ship (and its replacement) from one hell of a game series, Mass Effect. This is the story of an Earth marine almost 200 years from now. It's a great galaxy set up and Bioware made a great story matched to a decent game engine. I really enjoyed these games, although the third kinda killed the want to play through it again.

Don't know Pillar of Autumn (ah - it's Halo). Don't know Unity either ...
Quinjet is from the Avengers, I'm really looking forward to Age Of Ultron. I think I'll be rewatching the other movies over this break.
Red Dwarf is a legend, although perhaps its writers ran their well dry too.

Fun for now is continuing to watch the Yogscast livestreams, they had a great one last night with Kim and Playstation Access. Lovely enjoyable chill out.

I need to have a good crack at Elite Dangerous too, hopefully those pilot skills will come back.

Pics ?
I'll need to lose weight again after Xmas is finished.

I wonder what people are doing over the break ? I wonder what Cupid's Gift is getting up to ... must ask. I know she's working a lot of it. But at least she won't be on her own. I had a chance to offer someone else some company over the break, actually have made a few offers ... but the messages were not returned.

I'm not going to dwell there. I'd rather focus on the potential positive rather than the definite negative and I'll be hoping I get a chance to see Cupid's Gift again soon.

One last pic ?
Because hugs are fun too.

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