Friday, December 19, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 19 - Pine Cone

Ah well - having to cheat on this one again :
I have to admit, I don't go too many places there are pine cones. I do have one of my own pics for tomorrow though.

My Xmas leave starts here ! By golly do I need it too. The physical and mental batteries are drained, the outsides need some healing time and there's a few things I need to sort out around the house.

Plans :

Head up to see the mum & dad at some point for the Xmas day festivities;
Hopefully see Cupid's Gift again if she's free (am missing that chuckle);
Watch lots of movies and recorded stuff;
Perhaps see a few movies with the Crazie mob ?

I'm kicking it off tonight with pizza and by watching Blade Runner. It's a Ridley Scott directed movie from the 80s and it is ... stunningly beautiful in its own dingy way. I have the blu ray edition Final Cut and for an old movie, it does look amazing still off the bluray. The sound isn't maybe as good as bluray quality but it's still really good.

Harrison Ford leads this movie incredibly well, ably supported by Sean Penn (ed - erm, make that Sean Young). And the soundtrack by Vangelis is out of this world.

Still tired though. I may not be up long after the movie finishes.
I'll hibernate over the weekend but I will head out early next week. There's a few errands I have to do. Like get my jacket fixed ! There's not much damage but the zipper has gone which means ... coooold. It's an old jacket and I may actually retire it ...

I also need to get HMV to sort out a couple of blurays I bought. Plan A tonight was to watch XMen Days Of Future Past but the girl in the store was too confused to remove the anti-theft tag. So early next week will see me visit the store (with receipt) to sort that out. Ha ! First World Problems.

Back to the movie :-)


  1. ably supported by 'Sean Penn'..... Yup - You're definitely tired. You might want to check that again... [lol]

  2. Haha - that's harsh. Bit wooden but I think that was the part ... lol

  3. I think Sean *Young* is far better looking though!!!

  4. Love that sunlight has to be pointed out! British people don't get an awful lot of it so it's good to have it shown to us!


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