Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 17 - Favourite Holiday Movies


This could be one of those weird posts where I make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Whaddya mean ! That's every post. Ok. Guilty as charged.

Favourite holiday movies ? There can only be one absolute favourite :
It has to be that ultimate anti-holiday movie. Guns, explosions, crazy people. And it's set at Xmas.

What else ? There's a bunch of favourite movies with a Xmas connection for me :

Fifth Element. That riotous frantic headlong flight through an Earth of 500 years hence, all brought to us by the vision of Luc Besson. He's something special as a film maker. I add this one because we usually watch it in the Crazie Anti-Xmas gathering that we have a few days after the 25th. Hopefully that'll happen again this year. Perhaps a certain little Cupid's Gift lady could come along too ? I'm sure the Crazies would make her welcome, although it depends on our busy little lady's availability.

Hoping to see our Cupid's Gift again soon. The memory of that magic bubbly chuckle she has fades too quickly.

More movie !

When I was growing up, the Star Wars movies (original versions!) were the definitive Xmas day movie. They were on every year. I may do a run of all 6 movies this holiday. I need to clear space on the box first though (too much Doctor Who and ST:TNG).

I may well watch these guys too :
Minions are awesome. And somehow, I've not watched my copy of Despicable Me 2 yet.

The Lord of the Rings films have been an annual staple of Xmas too, albeit in the cinema and not in the small screen. I don't own the Hobbit movies yet but may watch the LOTRx3 movies over the break. I suspect Star Wars will be the Xmas movie of the next few years, judging by the timings.

Oh my, tiredness and incoherency are threatening to come down on me. Although I'm fighting it ... My route home happened to take me past the Happy Cookie Place, so of course more cookies appeared. As well as, one of the Cakes Larger Than My Hand :
It will not last out the night.

PS You can see two signs on my hand there ... it's my right hand which has the natural Vulcan salute. I must have broken fingers at some point, although I can't remember. You'd have thought I would ? The second sign is some of the psoriasis spotting on my wrist. It's improving, honest !

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