Friday, December 01, 2017

Day 1 Star Wars Advent - can you tell me what it is ?

It's 1st December !

Which means I get to break into the advent calendar.
If anyone can tell me what it is, drop in a comment.

(I think it's something space shippy).

I'll pop up again through the weekend with more advent creations but it's going to be a quiet one for me. The bugs that were brewing at the start of the week have hit me harder than I expected. That seems to be a new pattern, usually my body would fend off the bugs and I'd barely notice them. But I've been getting affected more.

Probably just run down. I'm really looking forward to the Xmas break.

One thing I should be doing is recording more videos. The 4 I did before were done using a long expired 30 day trial of a video editing suite but I've actually bought one of those now courtesy of the last Steam sale. I need a working voice though before I do that.

It's also Yogscast Jingle Jam as of today. I'll pick a good opportunity to drop a donation in for that. The money goes to charity and you get a massive bundle of games (and soundtracks for the games!) in return. The opportunity will be when a favourite streamer is on. They feel pressure to do their part for the charities, which includes wanting to get a decent number of donations in. So I'll time my donation strategically to make one of the streamers I enjoy feel a bit better.

I rarely watch Yogscast stuff now (they transitioned towards a different style of content, involving an emphasis on trolling and other stupidity, which turned me away) but that charity+games combination is good to support.

Cricket starts again tonight. I'll be watching that, albeit time delayed with me avoiding social media until I've caught up. The cricket starts at about 3am, which is a daft time to be watching. The time delaying involves recording it and starting to watch when I wake up.

Far more sensible. Especially if you intend to hide under the covers until at least mid day.

Not long left until Xmas now. Definitely needing the time off ! I'll be back tomorrow with more Advent lego. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out what the next one is :-).

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