Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Day 27 and the After Advent

No Lego today sadly, although I am well overdue posting the results of a rather glorious build from a while ago.

That BB-8 is definitely tempting though. Very tempting.

I'm back home now and in probably the best time to travel back too. Here is the scene from about 2.30am last night :
(2.30am ? I have trouble sometimes cooling down after a long drive. My nerves and brain go on high alert watching out for all of the numpties who are about to do stupid things on the roads. The trick is to not be in the place where you end up being caught up in what they're doing).

That's maybe an inch of snow in a Bristol that rarely sees much snow, if any. The conditions travelling back were poor. Very heavy rain, continuously for the whole trip after getting to Leicester. It was a balmy 5 degrees C for the early part though, so it was coming down as rain instead of anything more slushy. It did touch 2 degrees C around Birmingham though.

I sense that if I'd attempted to travel today, then I'd have been turning around.

It's good to be home again, although it's also good to see the family again. We didn't get up to nearly as much as we usually would, due to ill health. And that's me too ! My outsides are much improved but there's still a fair way to go with them. It does help having lots of good munchies inside me though. I have pictures ... Which would probably upset all of the vegetarians who come here.

There's more going on there than I'd ever write here though.

Sad to hear about the Kate who was the subject of the Tips and Charity link up in the top right for a while. We lost Kate to breast cancer on Christmas Eve. I hope the kids will be ok. Kate was a lovely person.

I've been reading again ...

I've been meaning for ages to set up a second light in my main room, overlooking where I'm on the computer and where I'd be in my chair reading. After attempting to read in what my phone declared as 0 lux earlier (no detectable light) and just now as 2.0 lux, I figured it was time. That can't have been doing my eyes any good.

I do have a proper ceiling light in my room but it's never been the same since I switched it to a dimmer energy saving thing. With the extra light, I'm in a dazzling (hah yeah right) 80 lux if my head isn't in the way of the light.

Much better for reading Revenger by Alastair Reynolds, which I'm enjoying tremendously. I sense it's all going to come to a rapid conclusion but stories can be best if they're not drawn out. Some of the 500-600 page (or more!) novels feel stretched, this one is moving on at pace and I think I'll be acquiring more books from Mr Reynolds.

I still aim to hit 100 posts for the year ... I've been a bit lazy over most of this year. 3 more to go ! So that's .... Lego Star Destroyer, Lego BB-8 if that happens, music post ? I wonder what else.

Oh and that 2.30am was partly due to cricket watching too, which I totally intend to do again tonight :-D.

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