Sunday, December 24, 2017

Day 24 and definitely the droid you were looking for

Final day of the advent calendar ! What's in the box ...
Ok, the sleigh was yesterday but I think we found the driver.

It's a BB-8 ! With bobble hat ! And skis ! They definitely saved the best until last. And now I'm even more ... tempted? daftly curious? dangerously drawn to? the big Millennium Falcon.

The saving thing there is that the £650 Millennium Falcon is likely to be in short supply for a very long time. I must watch the build video again sometime soon.

I suspect the Lego kit that will escape at some point will be the big BB-8. I wonder if I have enough bits to make him a bobble hat as well.

I spotted something else that was close to disappearing with me from the local garden centre / farm shop place :
They're called Warmies and they're designed to work like hot water bottles, except they're solid inside and you heat them up in the microwave.

They have one in dragon form that may escape with me at some point. Maybe. We shall see !

I don't know if I'll keep up the post-a-day now that Advent is completed but we shall see. Xmas is going to be a quiet one this year. Illness has been catching up with us all so the trip to see the sister isn't happening now. (My back has decided it doesn't like me at the moment as well - grr).

A quiet Christmas is still a good Christmas though. It's a time to be around people who matter, to have a cosy relaxed time. And then you hopefully have a chance to see other friends as well afterwards too.

And maybe smuggle out Warmies for them.

Yep. To the online shop !

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