Saturday, December 16, 2017

Advent Day 16 - Krennic is coming ...

Day 16 !
And it is the black Imperial shuttle of Director Krennic ...

If you haven't seen Rogue One yet, I'd thoroughly recommend it. That film definitely has its moments.

Gonna be a short one again because I'm still extremely tired and not really knowing what I'm doing yet (apart from chilling out and watching videos). Yesterday was fun though.

Not many more days left for work ! There is still stuff we have to do before the break but we've cleared off the Absolute Must Get Done stuff. Means we can make a head start on next year.

Yesterday was tiring though. Fun but tiring. Lots of walking on brand new shoes ! Definitely worth it though :-). We spent the afternoon wandering around a fair bit of Bristol city centre looking at shiny things. I think I'll be heading back there to hunt down Xmas cards.

Not today though. The rest of this evening is likely to be :

Lots of music to listen to.
Elite until I get tired. I'm going to do a rapid run over to an area attacked by aliens and do some rescuing.
More gaming videos. The ones queued up are for Stardew Valley, Stellaris and Factorio.

I have many Factorio videos lined up ...

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