Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Day 12 and you came in that thing ? You're braver than I thought

Day 12 and an old favourite !
I suspect it's the Falcon today due to a connection with a certain number of parsecs.

Parsecs are a measure of distance and the saying in Star Wars has already attracted a certain amount of ridicule because it's taken as a "The Falcon did this quickly !" thing. And a race is over a set distance isn't it ?

I'm on the non-ridicule side of the argument. They're talking about the Kessel Run, which is to a spice mining outpost that's near a cluster of black holes. To get through safely, you'd need to plot a circuitous course through all of the black holes. You couldn't go direct cos you'd get caught in the event horizons. But you could get close .... closer depending on how quick you were going and whether the engines gave the thrust to mass to let you escape.

So saying that a ship could do the run in less distance in this case is a valid boast.

Although saying that, I firmly believe that the writers of the boast know very little about why it might be a valid boast and were just thinking "Parsecs ! That sounds cool. We'll use it." A lot of Star Wars dialogue is insanely dumb like that.

But they do have cool ships and the Falcon is perhaps the coolest of the lot.

I now have 3x Falcons ... The tiny one above;
A slightly bigger one that indulges in extreme manoeuvres occasionally (not any more, the advent calendar door holding it there gave up the fight and let it fall). This one is my oldest Falcon.

And ....
A somewhat larger Falcon that I thoroughly enjoyed building.

There is another Falcon that isn't in my collection yet.

Did I say yet ? Hmm. I did say yet. Ominous ....

Anyone wanna get me this ? See something marvellous at the link. Yep. That would be particularly awesome.

I shall now go away and dream of the largest lego set.

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