Sunday, December 03, 2017

Advent Day 3 - more spaceship !

It's day 3 of the advent ... and ....
Another tiny spaceship !

I've been flying the internet spaceship around again. I have two objectives in the game at the moment :

1st - to get money for the bigger ships by doing missions for the major factions. At the moment, it's the Empire to maybe get a ship for the second objective. I'm one rank off getting another Imperial Clipper :
 Chocolate Edition Clipper, I think last year.

It does mean I'm hanging out in some very shiny spaceports at the moment.
I'm pretty sure that's Dawes Station, in orbit around the Imperial Capitol world in Achenar. It's shiny. I'm one Imperial Rank away from being permitted to acquire a Clipper again, lots of ranks away from the Cutter. It was enjoyable and relaxing coming back into the game again today and yesterday.

I have a slight problem there, the RSI in my right wrist is starting to make its presence known again. I think Elite is ok for that, it doesn't particularly aggravate it. Most of the flying has the RSI wrist resting on my stick which is far easier on the arm than my last one. (It's a Thrustmaster Hotas X). I suspect a shooty game would probably draw out the pain a lot more.

Second objective ? There is talk of an expedition in Elite with the objective of painting a giant Empire Sigil over the galaxy. I know, ostentatious, tacky, a must for any Empire leaning pilot.
That's the course I ended up taking earlier this year. I wonder what course the next epic trip will take. It could see the return of the old faithful Jms :
Maybe to locations as pretty as that one on the way to the Core ?

But that's for another evening. Or quite a few sessions over the Xmas break.

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