Saturday, December 09, 2017

Advent Day 9 - Urgent delivery

Day 9 sees a transport arrive. Or go zoom.
Where is it headed I wonder ? What could it have seen ? Is it being chased by the Stormtrooper ?

A mystery of ages.

Today's post is a bit of a cautionary note ... If you see something appear on your computer like "YOUR MAC IS INFECTED CLICK HERE TO SORT!" ... don't click on any of the links on the page. They will likely infect your computer with something horrific.

Instead, note down stuff on the page if you think it'll do any good later, check the web address as well. If it's something sensible like Something.Apple.Com, then think about checking it out. And then don't.

I saw a web address of lots of numbers and then something (I can remember the letters but I'm not posting them here) and hit the back button on the machine. And then installed Malwarebytes and asked it to do a scan.

(No threats found happily)

I'll look into using one of my Bitdefender licences on there as well but I really want to avoid using Bitdefender. I'll definitely not be renewing the licence when it expires in half a year. Why ? Because I bought it in the hope of getting antivirus without having constant pop ups and entreatings to send money their way and .... after only about a month I was being asked to upgrade and it has interrupted what I've been doing several times since with more unwanted ads.

I'll send the money elsewhere next time around.

By the way, the site I clicked on was Statcounter and I think it was an advert that redirected the browser to the page with the infection warning. I've turned Adblock back on now for Statcounter. It won't be turned off again.

So by allowing an infected ad through, Statcounter have lost their ad revenue from me.
For giving me advertising popups, Bitdefender lose their business from me next year.

Be careful on the internet folks ! And don't panic if something unexpected happens.

There may be stormtroopers out there with guns and you might get shot while they're aiming at something completely different.

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