Thursday, December 14, 2017

Day 14 - a tooled up stormtrooper contemplates a challenging mission

Day 14 !

Another stormtrooper emerges. This one looks well geared up.
Where could they be sending him ? What threat has the Empire discerned ?

I think we know what it is. He is being sent into the domain of the :
Evil Cultist Snowmen.

Just look at them. Turn your back on them for a second and they'll steal the buttons off your shirt and the carrots off your plate.

Just look at the Happy one ! Far too happy. Definitely planning something.

Today was our work's Christmas do, which was good. Good food, good company, lovely wine (happily had help this time so I didn't have too much). I tend to disappear from these events fairly early these days though.

Watching Star Wars movies after seems to be becoming a tradition as well. It was unplanned last year with Rogue One, bit more planned this year with The Last Jedi.

What did I think of the film ? I'm not going to spoil, don't worry about that.

It keeps you wondering all the way through as to what direction it's going to go. Good film. Definitely enjoyed it. Whereas The Force Awakens was more about fan service and reawakening the franchise, this definitely marched the story on.

Spectacular action sequences, Leia being the heart as always and a tough character too. There's a new character brought in who is adorable, while other characters stir the emotions in different ways.

Great film. Will definitely see about finding an excuse to watch it again in the cinema.

Those snowmen though.

I think they have some form of mind control. It seems to be a very popular jumper. It was drawing all of the looks as I was walking through town today and a few comments too. The girls on the concession stand in the cinema loved it and wanted to know where I got it. I think the Evil Cultist Snowmen will be gathering an army of thralls to bear them.

In fact the voices are telling me I must wear this jumper tomorrow as well.

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