Monday, December 04, 2017

Advent Day 4 - Stay on target !

And watch for the guns.
Quite a dinky little ground support type blaster gun.

Back to work today. Feeling better, hopefully it won't be long until the last of the bugs depart my system. I'm not getting rid of bugs as quickly as I used to (must be getting old) but hopefully these are on their way out now.

Not many more working days now until the Xmas break. I'll be looking to make sure there's nothing hanging over us over the break. It's good to make a fresh start in the new year.

And in a minute, I'll be making a fresh start on .... my dinner !

I think I'm just about to hear the beeping of the timer, although that timer is currently having to compete with the annual Yogscast live Civ game, Seal singing his heart out on his Best of (as of 1991 to 2004) album and an Aavak video of him playing Hand of Fate 2.

I did actually try out Hand of Fate 1, it's a mix between deck building card game and beat 'em up. I found it a better game to watch than actually play, although that might have been a legacy of my wrist being sore at the time. I've never really got on that well with controller games. Keyboard and mouse, yes ... until the RSI strikes. Joystick games ... I used to be really good at these until my confidence went due to slowed reactions.

I seem to be doing ok on Elite now, I must try a few more like the old Star Wars Pod Racer game. Loved that game but it needs some work to make it play on Windows 7/10.

I think the slow reactions were a legacy of another concussion, the incident where I almost ate the cricket ball.

That's my completely random plea for the day - if you know someone who has had a recent head injury, keep an eye on them. Make sure they're ok. Because often, they won't realise that they've been hurt far harder than they thought. I definitely didn't realise I had long term effects from my two concussions.

Cya ! And I hope you had excellent things in your advent calendars today.

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