Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Day 13 - a lone speeder awaits

Day 13. Unlucky ? Maybe.

The latest door in the calendar held a speeder. A lone speeder.

What could it be waiting for ? Is there more to this scene ? Perhaps. Let's draw the camera back a bit.
It's the unlucky Stormtrooper again !

Has he been distracted by Ewoks while a Rebel jumps in and nicks his ride ? And what is the enigmatic wanderer doing back there.

Will we ever find out the purposes hidden behind that mask. How long will it stay a mystery ?

The luck has been a little odd today. And yesterday.

While I was walking home, I was feeling my shoes get ever worse ... Yep. The new ones that were acquired only a month ago. When I got home, had a look inside, discovered ... they are ex-shoes. The heels on both sides have been thoroughly destroyed. I don't think I give my shoes a particular pounding ... Yet they only lasted a month where I'd expect a few years.

I'm due to be in town on Friday so after enjoying meeting up with someone lovely there, I'll be hunting refunds and new shoes.

Today was the turn of electronic things ... And a little work but I keep work away from here. The score, if you could call it that was 4-1. 4 major tasks complete, 1 major task frustrated. I like to have it at the 5-0 end. Failing at anything is something I find annoying, especially when it isn't due to anything I've done. If I fail, I can own that failure and figure out how to not fail next time.

Electronics ? Beware the new Windows 10 update. Hey wait ! ALWAYS beware the new Windows update. This time it stopped BOINC from letting SETI and Milkyway run sums with my graphics card (it helps add heat to the room). And broke the sidebar gadgets ... again.

All hopefully fixed now, although I haven't opened any games since letting it update this evening.

Fingers crossed it's all ok ...

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