Sunday, December 17, 2017

Day 17 and Krennic's pilot is summoned for a rescue mission

Day 17 of Advent sees a hero arrive for an urgent mission :
Yesterday saw a shuttle arrive, today sees an officer of the Empire ready to be a keen pilot. What is his mission ? We shall see.

Feels odd at the moment. I think I'm partly in holiday mode, kicked off by a good afternoon in town on Friday. Only two more days at work to go until freedom for a little while. Looking forward to it ! (Although there is some stuff going on in the private side which has my thoughts but isn't going to be added here).

The current Elite storyline is progressing as well. We've seen the return of the Thargoids, an ancient alien menace. They were content for a while to just disable our ships and take a look before letting us go on our way again. More recently though, they've turned more aggressive and have started making a mess :
That's one of three stations that have been attacked and there are missions up to go and rescue as many people from them as can fit in your passenger cabins.

The damage is quite spectacular. If I'm feeling up to it (haven't yet and yesterday's session didn't last that long) then I'll make a video ...

It's even messier inside :
The station is in emergency mode, with lots of debris floating around inside (curiously rotating with the station but we'll not say too much about that). Also very hot in there so you have to be quick about getting in there and out again. It's a good little variation on what you can do in the game if you go looking for it.

Today has been mostly Motorsport Manager though. I've got my new team through a whole season now, possibly looking to get promoted this year but that'll need a bit of luck. It's kind of a rush to go up the division, as that lets me hire better drivers and designers. It also means my team won't fall too far behind the teams in that higher division.

I've been enjoying the two games over the weekend. Both Motorsport Manager as it takes a bit of thought and planning through the races to get your team winning (not just a good car) and in seeing new things in Elite.

Wonder if there is something interesting to discover in today's unveiling in the Humble bundle ...

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