Monday, November 27, 2017

The word of the day is .... fish ?

I'll explain that title in a bit.

Checking in again with some randomness ... I keep getting ideas to write posts around but by the time I get home and near the keyboard, they have escaped. Fleeting ideas that taunt me with their promise.
Something else that's taunting me in the corner at the moment is an advent calendar. A Star Wars Lego advent calendar to be precise. I'm quite looking forward to going through the calendar and I'll share the pics as the doors get opened and the Lego gets put together.

I'd be quite tempted to acquire some more Lego .... although I don't know what I'd actually get. I think I've mined out the Star Wars kits. There are some very interesting Technic kits but .... I don't really want to build trucks ? I did enjoy putting this together :
The Lego Le Mans car was a good kit. And it's now discontinued alas (in other words, it'll be available at 3 times its value from Ebay sellers). I'd have been miffed if I had missed out on this one.

The motor racing has finished for the year now. I dunno what to think about the motor racing actually, it's good to have on in the background but ... not much actually happens during the racing in Formula 1 ? Ok, there's usually mayhem at the start or at some random point in the race but the aerodynamics of the cars works against them having close, exciting battles and the result is usually ... yawning procession. The World Endurance Championship races are better. At some point, I'll watch a whole Le Mans 24 hour, either at home on the telly or by actually heading over to France to watch the race.

That's getting closer as a possibility. Hurrah ! Need a passport though.

My outsides are finally deciding to get better ... There are still some hold out areas but I've had 3 good weeks so far. And good days are when the condition doesn't worsen, allowing steady healing to happen. My feet and legs are still messy but they're steadily getting back to normality and .... I didn't wear my ankle bandages today.

I'm in two minds about those ankle bandages. On one hand, they protect the bad areas and in these colder months, they add a bit more insulation too. On the other, they are really irritating to put on and there is a big chance that they'll double up and wrap over, causing more pressure on the areas they're intended to protect.

I won't miss putting those bandages on. Partly because it means my feet are mending.

Back to that motor racing - I'm enjoying having another look at Motorsport Manager. I'd gone away from it after winning one of the achievements and completing that particular goal of building a weak team up to become the champions. I might go back to that game because it might feed in a few other achievements.

But I've actually gone over to a new set of DLC, an Endurance Championship (disclosure note - bought by me ! Not provided by devs). It allows for races up to 6 hours long ... The idea being that you spend maybe 2 hours in the race with most of the time spent at 12x fast forward. I'm enjoying it so far but I'm actually about to cheat the save by adding a couple of zeroes to the amount of money. There are two reasons for this :

1 - I don't think it's balanced at the moment. With some reasonable sponsors and 1 pay driver, the team is losing 500k per race. So it isn't looking likely to be profitable over the season and be able to build up.
2 - It lets me skip about 5 seasons of building and boring races coming last all of the time.

So it won't be cheating on the core mechanics of the game, the racing ... but it will let me skip a few boring years of building the team up.

I've also been playing Stellaris and got my first win in the game. It took just less than 50 years in the tiniest galaxy. My mob only needed to own 21 planets to win and had beaten up 2 of the 3 competitor races in the game. I'll throw the same race into a properly big game at some point. I've changed the mods around to have a different set of expanded ship classes and I've been playing with a fleet of :
Imperial designs. Spot the Victory class Star Destroyers making the core of the fleet. There should be a few Nebulon B frigates in there too.

And I should really acquire the Magic Vegas video editing package while it's on discount at Steam ! That would be £25 for the middle package. I'd like to make some more videos (and should really add my channel link on the right).

One last word about the cricket. It was good to be watching the games again over the weekend but I was very disappointed in the performance. The big difference between the teams was in the bowling. The Australian bowlers had real threat and menace, the English bowlers just didn't turn up. They can bowl at 90mph+ and our spinner can turn the ball square but in this game .... just didn't.

Hopefully they'll do better in the next game.

Come on the England cricket !

PS Word of the day is from the bus tickets. I've moved to electronic ticketing to save 50p per ticket and ... each day there is a random word. Today, fish. Last week, girl and toad. Tomorrow ? I dunno cos I'm thinking I should quarantine bugs at home. I did feel steadily stronger and stronger as today at work went on though. We shall see !

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