Monday, June 04, 2012

Well I found out why ...

Currently sitting here (11pm) listening for randomly falling objects coming from the kitchen ...

(yes - this is going to be a horribly domestic post ...)

When you can't get the ice cube trays into the freezer, there's kinda a message there ... Like defrost the darn freezer. The fridge freezer is another thing (inc oven, boiler) that I've had since moving into this house. The previous owner left a fair bit here as she was moving abroad (I still get BT attempting to get her to sign up - check your facts people!). It's done pretty well actually.

Thought I might have to replace it actually because a drain from the fridge part at the top seemed blocked. Think I've figured that one out in a "ok, it's a drain, where does it go ?" kind of way. Looks like it drains into the freezer (go figure) and the freezer part was blocked by ice.

I was hoping for one of the really hot days like last week but we've been cursed with Bank Holiday weather over the last few days. As in - continuous drenching rain. But ... I have a cunning plan now for defrosting - pans of boiling water placed in the freezer to heat things up. Dunno if that actually achieves anything but it satisfies the Mad Scientist in me.

Anyway - that was today. It's still defrosting actually. It should be clear enough to last a while but when I eventually decide to go to bed, it'll be ok. Just need to avoid jumping into the kitchen every time a loose block of ice falls. Fingers crossed the freezer starts up again ok or I'll be needing to get a new one. My milk was still cold when I took it out an hour ago - good sign that the seal is ok.

Been enjoying some really chilled out days here in the house.

Lots of music is getting listened to and there's been a decent amount of cricket on the telly. Phil "Colonel" Mustard of Durham must be wondering what he needs to do to be considered for England cricket again, watched him get another 100 yesterday in the only county cricket that happened on Sunday. He had been in the England side but got dropped after breaking his nose in practice and has never been considered since. That's rough.

I'm also catching up on recorded stuff, having recorded a little too much lately ... Deciding to watch Stargate SG-1 again from the start may have been a bad idea considering it's cricket season.

How am I physically ?

The shoulder has settled down well. It must have been just light jarring because I'd say it'd be good for the game on Wednesday if that happens (bit short on people). My legs have been improving, the bruising on my right leg is fading and the left leg got through the game on Thursday with no issues. The outward signs at last year's infection sites are fading.

My back is another matter though. I suspect that'll be the recurring injury for this year. It started in the first net session as a reawakening of the area that I hurt decades ago (lower lumbar, left side, sciatic nerve). It's ok, it just feels like there's cord or stuff in there that doesn't want to stretch as much as it should do.

I'll give it something to do over the next day or so - part of the prep for defrosting the freezer was to run my food stocks down real low. I need to raid the local supermarket for bits n pieces or I'll have no munchies.

Like it said on last night's Facebook update :

"jaffa cake supply : exhausted :-( cookie supply : plentiful ! :-)"

Must ... have ... jaffa ... cakes ... Jaffa cakes are life.

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