Friday, June 01, 2012

Eat until asleep, sleep until hungry

Definitely :

Excellent sentiment. Arrived home late after the cricket yesterday, which meant a visit to the Chinese (really quick way to get a big dinner here) had me finishing up dinner at like 10.30pm. Actually, I think I was still eating at 11pm.

Not good if you're already feeling sleepy but know that dinner will take time to settle. I ended up disappearing at I think 2am and was out like a light. And then slept until I ended up starving (actually 9am, much earlier than I thought I'd be emerging)

Pretty sore now today after the game yesterday but :
Currently thinking a bit "yeah right" as a response to that.

I have the usual soreness (legs, back, hip) but I expect that. It's all part of my body setting itself up again for running around. The shoulder is not too bad. Now the adrenaline and endorphins have worn off I can feel the damage. It's usable but a little numb. I must have pushed it forward and maybe a little out when I landed on it. I'm lighter than last year but that's still a little too much weight landing on a weakened shoulder joint.

It's nothing serious - I can still use the arm properly. I wouldn't be able to bowl and it feels a bit loose but apart from that, arm's fine. It's not cold, which is the usual sign that it's not in the right place. But it would appreciate a bit of TLC from some strong fingers. Mind you, it's also been too long since I gave someone else a neck rub or a back rub.

It'll have time to recover - I'm off work for the next week, starting today. Back on Monday 11th. We had a few freebie days off but I've been feeling run down, so I decided to take the chance for a cheap week away from work to chill out and de-stress. Some of the interactions can get a little ... tense. (We push ourselves hard)

Yeah - today was a bit of a write off due to soreness but I'll be up and about more over the next few days. And I know I've earned that soreness due to the amount I throw myself around on the cricket field :-)

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