Wednesday, June 13, 2012

That hurt more than it should have done ...

4th game of the season tonight, despite the weather predictions :

That's one from Facebook that just had to get Yoinked :-)

Today's been the first dry day for a little while and despite a certain doomsayer (I know too much) saying : "It's sunny now but come 5pm ? Apocalypse Rain", we got the game on tonight.

We didn't do too well tonight. We batted first and lost wickets steadily. An early comedy moment involved our star batsman (not me) getting the strike stolen from him for several overs and when he finally got to face, his first ball ended up being hit on to a roof. 6 runs !

We scratched out 90 painful runs eventually. I didn't help, I think I only managed to get a couple due to not actually being on strike much when I was there, before falling lbw to a very straight one I tried to do too much with. That's the story of my batting at the moment - trying to do too much with the ball, not keeping it simple.

Defending 90 runs in the field is very tough in our cricket. It's feasible but only if you get early wickets backed up by good fielding.

I did earn another £5 for the Pink Hat bounty fund :-) As well as getting the Comedy moment for the game. (We'll ignore someone's bowling as that gets the Tortured Soul award)

Bowler comes in, batsman hits it around the corner. Straight ... at ... me ...

Cue the world going into slow motion as I'm peering through the gathering gloom, struggling to pick up the ball against the background. (I need new glasses as I've lost all confidence in my depth perception.) The ball hits my hands and I push it upwards. As I'm falling backwards, I grab the ball as it comes back down.

He's OUT !

Yep - comedy moment right there, at least I pushed the drop catch straight up so it was still in reach for the second attempt. Just one problem - I landed on the weakened right shoulder again and it's hurting a lot more than it should have done. Think I have real damage there and I'll have to break a habit and actually get it checked out.

There's another game tomorrow which I'm down to play in. I'll turn out if they need me, plus I'll be at the ground anyway because I have the team kit in my car.

Given up on me dinner (Chinese is very good for after cricket but there's a lot of it). Shower time after another Transvision Vamp track.

That catch earns another £5 for the Pink Hat bounty, which I'll add to a contribution to Thumper's next walk. Here's a link to her training blog. Thumper's next walk is going to be in San Francisco on 7-8 July (donations link) and I'll add my normal £5 contribution for things like this to anything more that comes from Pink Hat bounty before the 7th and 8th.

PS Not forgetting the Race For Life - click ! donate ! save lives !

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