Friday, June 15, 2012

It's not just cricket

You can have fun with old cliche settings.

When people hear them, it's guaranteed a groan. But if you say them slightly wrong ;-)

Had the excuse to do one of those on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday - da days are blurring). Running into someone, again, getting a big smile (as always) before rushing off in our different directions led to me sending the message across :

"We mustn't stop meeting like this"

Didja see what I did there ? And then I promptly ruined it with something about not wanting to fix the typo. Nooo ! Make that "we must keep meeting like this" :-). I come out with as many Shoot Self In Foot daft comments as I do daft comments that make people grin.

Anyway - there's a few people who the phrase "We mustn't stop meeting like this" definitely applies to. They always remember my grin and answer with one of their own when I spot them first at work (if they spot me first, I see a blur as they hide - I know it's true!) :

BK and Craziequeen :-)
Badminton Girl who enjoyed it when I was there but quit badminton at work for the same reason as me - some of the other players were jerks
The Finance Angels (who we've inherited from the old team - yey!)
The Pretty Contractor Ladies (there's a bunch of 'em)
Always the Snow Queen
And many more
But there's another one today who asked a question which brings me to today's picture :

The question followed me saying that my side was still sore : "Why do I still play cricket ?"

The answer is fairly simple - it lets me run. I have several speeds - Walk, Fast Walk, Run, Run Fast and RUN LIKE HELL. It's only at Run Like Hell where I get to play with the full potential of the power in my legs. It's a full pelt, head back, feel the wind ruffle the hair and whistle past the ears type of speed.

And I am pretty darn fast with it too. I'll do other people's fielding because I've run that much faster than them.

Cricket is about the only chance I get to do it too. You can move quick around most places given the excuse but to RUN LIKE HELL needs a lot of space. A cricket field is about the only place with the space to kick into that gear. Partly cos of the ground you cover at a full sprint, partly because of the distance needed to stop. I can slow down and dodge better this year than before I lost the weight but 13 stone of me moving at over 20mph is going to make a dent.

I enjoyed the bowling a lot, it was like outwitting the batsmen. I was pretty good with the bowling too before the shoulder tightened up. I don't enjoy the batting much these days. I know I can produce better innings than I do, which is where I put a pressure of expectation on myself. Fielding is a good laugh though. I can use my running speed and now my regained agility to full advantage to scare the crap out of batsmen attempting to pinch singles to me.

Ok, that's enough about cricket - where did that other typoed cliche come in ?

It's not just cricket where rain stops play - I'm half watching the football where the Ukraine vs France game got delayed 55 minutes for rain. Crikey. England game on later and I'll probably watch that properly. Have to actually because I haven't had dinner yet and have run out of other stuff to watch.

The cricket quote is actually "It's just not cricket", which for foreign readers is an English saying that's basically "They don't cheat like that in proper games". Let's just say football is just not cricket and leave it at that shall we ! There's a reason I only rarely follow football, despite otherwise being a sport nut.


  1. first of all, I love that dog and that caption

    you really make me smile when you're being funny and cute

  2. Thanks Dianne :-)

    When I spotted it on Facebook I knew there was only one thing I could do - grab & re post :-)


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