Sunday, June 17, 2012


I think my brain is anticipating tiredness. It tends to do that kinda like getting it out the way for when I'm going to be doing a heap of stuff.

Work's going to be busy over the next week, plus :

Mall tomorrow night cos I need to pick up a few things
Lords trip on Tuesday which will be a long day
Avoiding getting too many munchies on Wednesday
And lots of driving to do next weekend

Lords on Tuesday will either be frustrating or fun. If it rains like last year, there will be a fair bit of frustrating waiting around for play. But at least we won't have the annoyance of having to head home while play was still happening. Last year we were like : "Seriously ? We have to go home now because the coach driver has to be in bed soon ?" Something about working hours in a day and daft legislation. I can understand the legislation type aspect of it but not enough to go by the same travel plans this year.

It'll be :
Pick up a mate from the work team,
2 hours down the motorway to an underground station,
1 hour inc walking to get to the ground,
Chill out all day to cricket,
Repeat the travel in reverse to get home.

I'll hopefully have enough juice in my phone to allow pictures to be taken throughout the day for adding to Facebook and then I can pick out the odd one for here. (That's actually the easiest way to move photos from phone to laptop, although I suppose I could connect them up via USB).

Tiredness could partly down to sleep. It took far too much time to get off to shuteye last night due to accumulated rubbish in my lungs. They're still not clear yet. Maybe I need to get that vacuum out again or another way of clearing the air. Or it could well be that I'm ill and doing my usual thing of not noticing. There's a bug been going around that's been causing coughing plus loss of voice and my voice has been struggling lately too. Hopefully I'll get off to sleep easily tonight instead of wondering if I'll cough up a lung.

This has all been cricket + tired so far hasn't it ?

It's been a weird weekend. The only music I've listened to was on Friday night and Saturday morning on the way to Cheltenham. Lots of sport on the telly. Great Le Mans weekend, although I missed a trick : I could have raided Tescos while the safety car was out for the Anthony Davidson incident and not missed racing time. It would have been good to see the Toyota's stay in a while longer to make it interesting with the Prototype racing but the GT Amateurs kept it competitive right to the last 30 minutes of the race.

Good win by England yesterday dodging the weather. The rains are back today. I'm thinking about heading down to Taunton for a game or two as well to see Somerset play. They had a close win today over Northants, managing to avoid the rain.

Spam :-( Although you don't see it from the outside, I've been getting more and more spam comments attempted. Google does a good job of trapping them, although 1 or 2 have slipped by. I'm not going to reactivate the hated word verification (ad blockers interfere with it plus it's NASTY) but I have been forced into disabling anonymous comments. Which I'm quite sad about, partly cos I know there's someone out there who comments only as Anonymous and I've love to see more comments from there (even if she does kick my butt with them!).

Comments in general - I'd love a bit of feedback :-) Give me ideas for stuff to talk about. Tell me where I might be upsetting people so I can try and make amends.

Last thought for today - started reading Lost Fleet BYF : Invincible yesterday when in the Lexus garage and I'm already 150 pages in. Authors develop over their careers and Jack Campbell definitely has. The Lost Fleet books are pretty darn good. They're well paced and keep you up with the action while giving the occasional chance to draw breath. His earlier Stark's books aren't so good, I was struggling my way through Stark's Command before going away from books for a while.

Hopefully I won't be reading lots of Invincible on Tuesday ! Will finish the current run through of Deus Ex HR (so Steam can tell me how many hours it took) and then I'll give the game a rest for a while and hammer the books instead.

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