Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lords today

Various Facebook updates from today, while I was attempting to ration the batteries on the phone ...

Smart phones are great - but they really need to be doubled up on battery capacity. It used to be that I could be lazy with charging up the phone. Maybe charge it every few days. Smartphones though, need to be on charge every night and even then it can be doubtful that they'll make it through the day.

Very long day today. Up and out the door at 6.15am and off up the road to a team mate's house to pick him up (spookily close to where Craziequeen lives).

Next is 2.5 hours down the road to London where we make the switch to the Underground. London has an excellent mass transit system. It's far more efficient to use the Underground than it is to drive into the centre. Just park on the outskirts and ride the tube in. It not only lets you avoid traffic carnage, it can be cheaper too, with outskirts car park + tube tickets being cheaper than an all day city centre car park ticket.

And then it's Lords. Home of cricket. And the finest cricket stadium in the world.

Here's the view from the Pavilion :
I took a couple more which have appeared on Facebook but they're not so good. That's the media centre at the far end, with us on the top tier of the Lords Pavilion. Great view but the atmosphere was better in that stand you'll see over to the left.

RN were up against the Army first, didn't see much of this one but it ended up as a super tight game. A bit of sloppy fielding right at the end allowed the scores to finish tied. RN won on countback.

Next was Army vs RAF, with the RAF taking a heap of early wickets leading to a very low score by the Army. They got battered, setting up a RN vs RAF showdown.

Talking point from the last game was a superb catch on the boundary, where a RAFman took a catch diving forward. Most of the crowd thought he let it bounce ... Cue FB update of "Silly RAFman. He has incurred Wrath Of Crowd." And we got on his back for the rest of the game :-)

RAF took the honours in the end, with their opening bowler smashing the ball around with the bat. It's a shame when that happens really, cricket is supposed to be a team game but one player so far ahead of his team got them the win.

Home and tired now and I think I've caught the sun :-) Have to see how that ends up tomorrow morning.

PS The event was the Interservices Twenty 20 tournament, which is an annual thing. Third time for me today :-)

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