Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Buggy Randoms

Meh. Very meh. Been bugged today. I seemed to be ok yesterday (outside of having to yawn to clear my sinuses) but today I've been struggling.

It's just manflu really and I can hyperactive my way through it but it does take its toll on my handkerchief supply, the patience of the people around me {sneeze!} and I don't think as clearly when I have bugs. But as soon as I get into my Tunnel Vision by getting my teeth into something for work, I don't notice. Hell, I sneeze so much anyway that I rarely notice coughing from actual illness.

However - the same bugs that are in my head, chest and nose seem to also be in my legs :-(.

I'll happily ignore a cold but I can't ignore the legs deteriorating again. Left leg (the bad one from last year) is fine, couple of bad bits but nothing to worry about. The right leg started leaking again, which is something I can't ignore. Especially as the leaky bit overlaps where my knee protectors have to go.

So no cricket for a little while until it gets under control again. It's actually not too bad (a couple of bad bits about the size of 5p coins) but I don't want what happened last year to happen again - where the bad skin got as big as the palm of my hand. (Before you gasp too much, I have little hands)

I suspect the same bugs attacking my nose are also having a go at my legs. Perhaps I should be in a :
Because part of why it's flared up is because I can't leave it unscratched.

That's enough about the leg (for now though)

Tennis players - before turning over to the cricket, I watched the close of the Murray vs Davydenko match at Wimbledon. It took me back to the Size & Shape post with the thought being - I don't want to be the shape of a GP driver, I'll be the shape of a tennis player. As in :

Huge leg speed and agility to get around the court
No excess weight to slow them down
And enough arm strength to sort out rusty nuts and jamjar lids.

Noticed a quirk with my car over the 2 long runs this week and last. It's a proper hybrid, so it can run on either its engine or its motor or both together. Above 45mph, the engine always has to be on because of speed limits on the motor. However ... that doesn't mean the engine has to be going quickly. Normally at 70, the engine will be spinning at 2000-3000rpm, higher revs if you're going up hill or charging the battery. It'll settle to a 2000rpm cruise which is extraordinarily low for a petrol engine.

Unless you're on a downslope ... Enough of a downslope will make it think "I don't need my engine to help" and it'll disengage the engine and set it to idle. It's not quite as subtle with that as with its other Engine -> Motor -> Engine -> Both transitions ... It was kinda "wtf is my car doing" disconcerting when I first noticed it. It's a bit like dropping a manual gearbox car into neutral at 70mph with no throttle.

And of course, you know me - now I know there's a funny quirk, I'm trying to reproduce it wherever possible.

Cricket - think I've jinxed one of my sides. In the first game for them this year, I paid twice cos of lack of change in a "it won't matter after next week's game". Not played for them since ...

Finally - gotta send a hug to someone I know is going through a rough time at the moment with depression. I'm teetering on a depressive cycle at the moment too, due to the bugs and the leg. I'd hoped the leg infection problem was behind me, so seeing it develop again over the past week is ... meh. Very meh.

Everyone could do with a hug. I could do with a hug.

But for now I'll settle for dinner ... (guess who's dinner bell is going nuts!)

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