Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Mayhem

Feels like it's been mayhem today.

I don't think it has really but that's the way it feels. We're at a stage in the project where we're seeing the skeletons we buried in cupboards ages ago start to rattle their bones. No decision is perfect. Whatever you buy, something will come along later and make you think "What if we'd gone a different route ?" "What if we'd thought of this back then ?"

And on really complex projects like our's, there can be a few of those skeletons around. What's important is :

Knowing you've delivered something awesome (and we have)
Knowing that you've got an excellent team that sort out the issues
Knowing that the early decisions that got made, got made for the right reasons

From my own engineering, I know a lot more about building PCs now than I did 15 years ago. I made a lot more Good decisions with this desktop than I did the last one and the one before that. However, my car knowledge has gone a little backwards as we've got more insulated from what our cars do.

Where'd that come from ? We've been investigating some of those skeletons so we can properly sort them out. Duct tape does fixes but we want Proper Job Fixes, not duct tape bodges.

Picture !
I actually feel a bit worried about people I see who I think are too skinny. There were Lexus ladies in the garage on Saturday, both were on the thin side. One was too thin (or was wearing stuff that was too tight), one looked thin cos she was quite tall.

Yep - I get worried about thin people. Are they starving themselves in order to fit an image that just isn't right for them ? Are they causing themselves health problems because they aren't eating enough of the right things ? A starved, hollow look just isn't attractive.

What is attractive is how confident people are in their own skin. And that can be Big People, Little People, Medium People, Skinny People, Chunky People. While I'd still describe myself as Chunky, I'm a lot happier now with the way I look than I was a year ago when I was a stone heavier. That's from being able to move better, although I wasn't happy in the early stages of the diet because a side effect of changing was that my muscles were tending to cramp up more.

I know a couple of young ladies who are both on the short but very large side. One projects an attitude of "The world hates me". The other projects bubbly, confident, fun. Guess which one I find myself asking "who dat ?" and which one I avoid so the "world hates me" doesn't become catching ... (both of those are "first mention"s here and only 1 reader is likely to know 1 of them)

Dodger of DexBonus put in an awesome vid yesterday for cheering yourselves up. There's a lot of beauty out there. It just needs a chance to break out past those preconceptions on what size and shape we should be.

I miss cakes. I'm at a stage in my diet where I can eat what I like. The trick is that I've managed to change "what I like" into something that has me munching the snack food in moderation instead of gluttony. Oh !

That takes me to shopping tonight. Mall trip tonight was aimed at getting a few things : Jacket for Lords so I could see inside the pavilion. Cash. Snack food for car. But this will be the last time I go to Morrisons for a while (I nearly put my shopping back so I could go to Asda instead). I don't normally keep snack food in the car but Minstrels are really good for it. E numbers to keep you awake. Chocolate for energy. Shells so they don't melt in the packet.

I like Minstrels.

But I've managed to alter my thinking so I don't devour a packet of Minstrels a night. I'll ration the munchies. And that's one secret of the diet I've been following :

Eat what you like - but in moderation. Treats are an excellent motivational device. You shouldn't deny yourself them completely. Just keep them as occasional bonus munchies so they're special, instead of boring cos you have that packet of Giant Buttons every night. (I would if I could get away with it) Especially if they're of the quality we got from Snow Queen & Co !

PS This is definitely me hoping that my favourite iPhone based visitor spots this and lets me know the next time there's cakes :-) ! :-)

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