Friday, December 05, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 5 - Red



Scifi person + Red. Throw in a bit of Christmassy time. Whatever can that lead to ?
Could it have been anything else ? Muahaha.

Don't worry - I should have worse to come. Actually, the one I took of last night's shopping ahead of Sunday's pic is worse. Darn it - shoulda taken the pic of the people walking through Bristol today. I did take a few pics in Brizzle, they'll come later in the month.

Oh wait ? You want a sneak preview ? Ok.
I found a new Happy Place.

Those cookies are as thick as they look. You could probably use them as doorstops. Except I hope not, because I plan to eat the two I got there today and want some teeth left afterwards. I don't think I'll find a better cookie wall pic than that, so I'll be reusing it again later in the month.

Still not sure what I'll use for green though. Oh - I have my Hot Drink pic as well, although I may have to GIMP it with extra pics added in to make it truly hot. (Although that may risk my family-fiendlyness)

Quandary time - do I tell you where the Happy Cookie Place is or do I withhold the info in the hopes that there are more cookies left for me ?

Hmm. I'll be nice. They're from the German Market in the middle of Bristol.

One last thing for today - it was the return of the name Orion to space travel. It looks like the mission went as you hope a mission goes - Boring. The fact the mission goes ahead is exciting but you want the mission itself to be boring with no surprises. If something exciting happens, that usually means something unexpected (and highly dangerous) has occurred which puts future progress at risk.

So it looks like today's Orion space capsule test has gone swimmingly well. But it is a shame that it's a pale shadow of the original Project Orion. Picture if you will :

A Star Trek sized Cruiser space ship. Massive.
An immense shield mechanism like a radio telescope dish.
Bombs coming out of the back end.
Nuclear bombs.
And the blast from the nukes pushing the Massive Cruiser Spaceship across the solar system.

Something that big has a realistic chance of having the shielding to reach the other planets in the solar system, without killing the crew inside. Of course, you'd want full fusion bombs providing the blast-thrust instead of dirty fission/fusion nukes.

That Orion concept died a long time ago, although it'll hopefully come back if they can make clean fusion bombs for power.

Hopefully the new Orion concept has proven itself today and paves the way to future excursions to the Moon and Mars.

Cya in a brighter future :-)


  1. Kirk, Spoc, McCoy and ensign Ricky beam down to a planet..... [lol]

  2. Muahaha - thought you might like that one.

    And ... fascinating Star Trek fact, the first to die were wearing blue shirts ...


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