Friday, December 26, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 26 - Favourite Quote/Bible Verse

Gosh, this is a tricky one.

I was chuckling away with Cyberkitten when he was saying he'd be interested in seeing what I'd come up with for this one. Here goes, what pics have I got that fit this ?
Haha - when you quote, get the quote right. Or the grammar police will be out to get you.
At least I have medical reasons now :-)
Always. Focus on the positive, it'll help you deal with the negative.
Yes. This is an excuse to pull out some of those wonderful funny pics that I haven't used for a while.
Last one. I see Ben the Staffy again today ! (ed - actually when I wrote this on Weds 24!) He's a loving, loyal dog is Ben. Ok, one more :
Cya !

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