Monday, December 01, 2014

December Photo Challenge - My View

I spotted a meme ...

And you know me and meme's. Yep. Can't resist. Especially if the person who I got the meme from just happens to be irresistably gorgeous. What's the meme ? First the picture. Today's theme is "My View", here's the view out of my back window. It's from a few years ago (Too dark now to take pics ... which is a very good excuse to hide the mess out there)
That's Chronos, one of the neighbourhood cats. This must be from quite a while ago, I can't remember Chronos tapping on the window lately. That was His Chair though. He'd be there, rain, shine or ... snow.

Here's the meme :
And I got it from the incredible Dodger, who has the Youtube channels PressHeartToContinue and Dexterity Bonus but I know her more from Twitter (@dexbonus)

I have ideas for most of those, although I'll have to cheat with a few. I'll definitely be cheating with the ones that might breach the lessening anonymity I try and maintain ... (If you want to get in touch, there's a working email in the profile !) But yeah, we shall see ! Hopefully I'll acquire pictures for them all. Expect lots of dwagons ...

My view at the moment ? I'm half listening to the opening Yogscast livestream. They're live on, the schedule is on reddit and the donations go in via humble bundle. I won't watch all of them. The Yogscast are pretty big now and one of their strengths is that they have something that appeals to everyone. And one of the weaknesses is that variety too, they have some that I'd avoid like the plague.

So this week :
I'm mostly listening tonight;
I'll mostly listen tomorrow;
Hannah and Kim are streaming on Wednesday !!!
Thursday night will be shopping;
And I'll be trying to figure out who wins the Civ V on Friday.

Thursday and Friday are pending travel plans though. I'll watch anything Hannah and Kim come out with, plus I'll be aiming to see the Rythian and Zoey streams too.

But Hannah and Kim's streams will be the highlights. I've said plenty about them before but ? Why watch ? Cos it's pure fun. They have a gift of including the viewer with their antics, which appear on screen as being totally unscripted, outside of the script which is an integral part of the game they're playing. I hope the banter is as much fun for them as it for us watching.

What can I say ? Both ladies are smart, good with the games, funny, are blessed with a couple of lovely voices, have an indomitable attitude and put all their spirited nature into enjoying the games and transmitting that enjoyment to us.
(From, aka AugustLovesMay) And watching Kim in her early Minecraft made me picture that cartoon exactly ... (muahaha)

Or, knowing these two, maybe that should be :
Don't mention the gravelly voiced one to "I Lost My Heart To A Starship Turian" Kim, we may lose her into rapture ...

At least, I hope they'll be livestreaming, cos Kim's doing the active playing of Alien Isolation (playlist link) with Hannah cheerleading and it's giving Kim heart attacks with Hannah doing a good impression of a gibbering wreck. Good game - it's 50% off on Steam today and I'm kinda tempted. (Won't buy it, cos I wait for these things to get ultra cheap). Hell of a game actually to give these two hardened horror game veterans the shakes like it does.

I'll definitely be checking in on Wednesday. I may even donate ...


  1. I'm personally looking forward to an illustration of your fave Bible Verse.... [grin]

  2. Nuts ! Hadn't spotted that one. Must find something suitably apocalyptic from Revelations or ask Google about "silly Bible verses".


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