Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

First one of these for 18 months - let's see what I've been up to :

1 - I look after money in the project now. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Although people seem to think I'm doing ok with it.
2 - Still single. But I have the Crazies around to keep dragging me off to cinema and Crazieparties.
3 - Wow people sent me nuts. Left Wow. Went back to Wow. Left Wow. Upset various people in Wow (World of Warcraft) including a friend from a very long time.
4 - Sorted things out with people in Wow, came back. Had some fun times :-) And my friend lets me take the mickey out of him again.
5 - Still chasing the girls. I think one or two may still be chasing me for some reason. But I don't think the one I'd like to notice actually does notice.
6 - Not played cricket. Which I'm taking as kinda significant because I've always played at least one game in a summer. Even with the dislocated shoulder 10 years ago.
7 - Still experiencing the pain from the various injuries, even though I've not done much to break stuff. But I don't let it get the better of me, there's a heap of people around in a much worse state than me and they can handle it, so why should I buckle under when it's just aches n pains ?
8 - Discovered House and NCIS. NCIS is the better of the two because of the character interplay but House is still worth watching.
9 - Got bought an iPod. My iTunes library has grown to include over 100 cds, with 3 more to come in. Thinking of adding a "listened to xxx songs lasting xx hours" grabbed from iTunes's Recently Played as comments on each blog entry. My iPod has replaced the cd's in the car too.
10 - I've had 3 different line managers and managed to break one of them after just 6 weeks. I need stronger toys.
11 - Tried Eve online again, lasted a year before getting bored. Went back in again, got prevented from playing due to another corporation declaring war on us.
12 - Need to read more books. RSI doesn't tend to hurt a book reader, plus it keeps you away from popcorn cos the butter on the popcorn makes the pages go sticky.
13 - Over the past fortnight, I've listened to 603 different music tracks lasting 1.6 days.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's been a while ... About 18 months since I last posted anything here.

I've been putting stuff here : VR blog for a while but I've gotten a little uncomfortable about posting more stuff there as I've never actually been a part of that guild ... I had a chance to be but in the end, I couldn't leave the Mercs.

Why have I kicked off the blog again ? I guess my January itchy fingers have pushed me towards wanting to tap stuff into a diary again. I seem to get itchy fingers around January time every year, it'll often manifest as me getting new games, poking them for a week or so and then putting them down again, never to be picked up again. This time it's a Golden Oldie - Baldur's Gate 2. Had that for ages, never got as far into it as it deserves.

Will use a Thursday Thirteen tomorrow as a devious way of compressing 18 months into something that'll only take a minute to scan !