Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Dear Me

The latest meme that's going around at the moment is based around : "If you could impart some advice to your younger self, what would it be ?"

I've made my fair share of mistakes over the years. Sometimes I wish I could change the outcomes or the circumstances I waded into. Let's see :

Pursuing extreme speed while walking - this really messed up my knees, pretty much finishing the job a bad tackle in rugby started. (Someone caught my ankle while I was at top speed, it twisted the leg, all the force went through the knee - ow)

Not really getting involved in the social side at school - I don't really think I missed much here. I'd still have trouble keeping up with social small talk even if I had been more involved at school. Besides, I had the cricket scene to dive into.

Oh and a lot of that time spent on my own instead of in groups had me turning my imagination to engineeringy type things like : designing a remote control car. Programming on the computer. Building worlds for d and d. Trouble is, I didn't write a lot of that down, so it's faded into memory. But it was good to dive into those alternate realities. They're shinier than this one.

Getting hurt - and getting hurt more. This is pure physical pain. After the knees, I hurt my back at 16 in my first year in the men's team. Too much bowling. The year after, I tore a groin muscle that is my major I-Hurt today.

I hurt my shoulder at university. It was dislocated while playing badminton and the same injury tore the rotator cuff. That's the muscles that hold the arm in the socket. That's an 18 month injury and more recovery time after that. I was able to bowl again after resting it for that time but it's worsened with disuse since. Oh well.

I have a lot of finger and hand injuries from the cricket too - I've broken a few fingers and had minor fractures on others. Due to the strange way I feel (or don't feel) pain, I didn't get those fingers checked out. No matter - I could still use them. It's just strange things like the natural Vulcan salute and not so strange things like my wrists feeling like glass sometimes.

I regret passing on my third car. That's the only one I truly have regrets passing on. The others were either not great cars or breaking down. The third car was a Vauxhall Belmont SRi, which had a magic combination of economy and power (it was from before catalytic convertors robbed both). We had a lot of work done on that car and it was pretty well sorted by the time I took it on from my mum. It didn't have power steering, so my mum was really struggling to drive it. The replacement was a Rover 420, which was an absolute horror for reliability.

This is a list of regrets isn't it ?

Just one more. Actually two.

I've been in two major relationships in my time, one at uni and one during my working days. I went into both for what I felt were the right reasons. Both ladies were pretty and more important, intelligent. Being able to hold that rational conversation about Stuff is key. And that's having respect for the other person's opinion too, also recognising that several opinions on a subject can be valid. When that happens, lovely debates ensue.

(Lots of Wall Of Text phone messages bounce between me and Cupid's Gift - and it really brightens my mood and pulls out the smile when one comes in)

Yep. I went into those two major relationships for what I thought were the right reasons. However, it turned out that I was being used in both. One for my brain to help her through uni and to help out with the transport and other things. One to get her away from a domestic situation which was intolerable (too many people in one house). Good people (and I still get on well with the mum) - but too many in one place.

That kinda scared me off relationships for a while, not helped by the condition of my outsides. I'm hopeful that's changing though. Even as an introvert, I like being around people and I'd like to be around one particular special person. (See Wall Of Text message comment !)

Really looking forward to Comic Con. And maybe the film Chappie too if we go see that.

So what message would I give to my younger self, given all the possible regrets I list above ?
Do it all again.

Don't hesitate. If you see something you enjoy doing. DO IT.

The fast walking gave me sprinting muscles. And I do enjoy running Very Fast.
The cricket made me feel part of something. And I was very good at it, in all departments of the game. So although it's left its mark, I enjoyed every second (well - apart from when it was freezing and raining!)
The relationships helped me learn vital lessons about life. And there were lots of good times there as well before they ended.
Being with that computer let me learn skills that are important for everything. Computer logic teaches problem solving. It also makes you assess exactly what's going on, including the implied above the explicit.
(That helps decipher what our media tries to make us think too)
I didn't get the grades I should have - but I got a job that lets me get involved with Very Cool Toys.

I've had a good life. So far. I'm hoping it improves and I hope I'll be able to be that rock that improves a Pretty Lady's life too.

So my advice to my younger self ? Again :

Don't hesitate. Do what you enjoy. Perhaps prepare better. But - it was great the first time, do it all again.
Or there's that. Cya !

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Strange thoughts

I had some strange thoughts surface last night in the sawdust that makes up my brain ...
The thoughts were popping up while I was watching England in the cricket. We were doing ok, if not spectacularly in the first half. We were batting and didn't quite get enough runs to put enough pressure on the opposition. In the end, our bowlers were a bit too toothless to get the wickets that would have made the game anywhere near tight.

Strange thoughts ?

Seeing them run around the field and seeing how my arms and legs have improved (and continue to improve now I'm through the course of antibiotics) awoke thoughts of "Maybe I can play again ?"

Yep. I'm really close to being clear enough again to do running around type activities. I dunno how long it is since I've been able to say that.

So those crazy thoughts are starting to come out again. Perhaps I could play again this summer ? I wouldn't want to be a full time player, I'd certainly not be playing in the longer games on the weekends.
The reality of it is though, that I've been past the point where I'm useful on the field. I can still run reasonably quickly (not tried that for a while actually) but my failing reactions are why I have the big doubts. Plus cricket is a much tougher game than it looks, if you slightly misfield, it hurts more than you think.

Case in point today - Herath got his hand to a ball hit back at him really firmly. He got a cut on his bowling finger, may well have broken the finger. That'll be him out of the World Cup if it's broken. My hands and fingers are covered in old injuries caused by slightly getting it wrong while fielding.

I would be forced into getting new glasses, although that's been due for a few years now. And I should really go on a fitness regime to get my body into some kind of condition ready for the season.

I'm nowhere near perfect yet. There's still damage that needs repairing. But ... it is steadily repairing now. Good skin is becoming predominant again and it has that creamy smooth feeling that's going to really annoy my boss when I rub at it next week. Not in a "worry at the damaged bits" rubbing, more an unaccustomed "wow that's smooth" way. Hopefully it continues now that I'm off the antibiotics. Hopefully the nasties have all been cleared out. I still have an absolute tonne of the White Gunk (Fucibet) that has been a major help with sorting out the bad bits.

Coming back to cricket is a very daft thought though. When I tally up the current damage I get :

Sore left calf - it doesn't like the walk in from the bus, especially when it's cold. I suspect more use would help it but there is a little strain there.
Shoulder - bowling is still impossible and it's still stiff. No power throwing for me ...
Hips - still make me want to scream if I move my legs the wrong way.
Back - is still stiff. ALthough I suspect again, if I ran around it would free up.
General tiredness - hopefully this will come good as the days brighten and I catch up on sleep.

So yeah, I have that curious blend of feeling frisky and feeling old. There's that feeling of knowing how much I enjoyed scampering around the closer areas in the cricket and wondering if I could still do a job there.

We'll see.

Cross fingers that the bad stuff stays away this time. It's been a long time coming ...
PS Other news - my hearing's back to perfect again ! Must have had an infection in there that's got sorted out by the antibiotics. Hurrah - means I'll be back to watching movies tonight. Let's see ... Divergent perhaps ahead of Insurgent coming to cinemas ?

Friday, February 27, 2015

A legend passes

The news will be full of reports about this over the next few days.

He was a legend, a shining example for us all. From Star Trek, to Fringe. He stole the show wherever he went.

RIP Mr Spock, you will be sorely missed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Looking backwards, looking forwards

I've been enjoying something from the past. Not too long ago mind ...

Ok, what is it ? It's a space scifi series from the golden age, Andromeda. You have a mixed cast of distinct personalities which all come together, led by the indomitable Dylan Hunt played by Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo.

It was a decent series in its time. Not the best, not the worst. But it was from that golden age that brought us fantastic series like :

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis
Some of the Star Treks
Earth Final Conflict (shame I only saw season 1)
And a bunch of others that my hazy memory isn't letting me remember

But - Andromeda - not many series can pull out lines like :
"I have faith in nothing but this, when the universe collapses and dies, there will be three survivors - Tyr Anasazi, the cockroaches and Dylan Hunt trying to save the cockroaches." Classic.

Sadly, this is another that I lost track of before it concluded. Remembering back (and this is Hard cos it's from the amnesia days of Nose Job 1) I think this is from when I had to switch back to cable because a tree was blocking the satellite signal and Andromeda suffered most from loss of signal.
Oh and it had a beautiful ship (and a very pretty, sassy and incredibly competent avatar too).

We don't really see series like those from that classic age any more. There's a kind of innocence lost in the search of the grittiness that telly people are putting in their series now. That's sad. Series like The Walking Dead are now more about the extreme gore and have forgettable storylines. And we barely have any space opera scifi !

(I'm still watching Walking Dead)

Looking forward ?

There's a phrase out there in nerd/geeky land : Senpai Notice Me.

I've actually used that because ... it was appropriate :-) Ok, it was Kim saying that she thought my Happy New Chinese Year dwagon avatar was cute. Which it is. I've switched it to the Unless You Can Be A Dwagon avatar now because the CNY celebration period is concluding.
I'd give that one a 7 out of 10. The top bit is taken from a T-shirt that's become part of my subversive Fridays selection. The red letters are mine, courtesy of GIMP. It's ok but there are way too many words on there for it to work as a First Glance Chuckle avatar. You have to squint to read the little letters.

Senpai noticed me ? Yep. Had a couple of replies back over the Twitter. What I find strange within myself is - my mind is going "Yey ! But I wish I was getting messages from Cupid's Gift instead". (She's been quiet, which is ok because she's a busy lady). I love what Twitter-Lady does but ... my attention's elsewhere.

I've had that shift from having all my mental energies concentrated on following one lady, hoping for her to notice me, to looking for attention from a different one. I find that very strange, I've never really faced that before. I've always been a one lady fella. It's been a little strange splitting my attention between chasing 3. I suspect that's why I've been happier lately, because I effectively gave up on 2 of them due to getting on really well with the messages going back and forward to Cupid's Gift.

It would be great to see her again before Comic Con. I'm really looking forward to that.

Comic Con ? It's at Birmingham NEC near the end of March. As well as sharing in the delight that I'm hoping CG will have at seeing everything (that's my No1 reason for going, to share in her fun), I'll be picking up more bits and pieces. I missed acquiring a mug which I have to have for work.

I think that's quite enough for now :-)

Looking forward - things are looking up. I feel tired right now but that's mostly down to the long drag between Xmas and Easter holidays. I'm balancing that tiredness with nice things that various people in work and outside have been saying about me. And with those messages that go back and forward with the Pretty Ladies.

But it's one Pretty Lady in particular who makes me think of this line from Lily Allen's Who'd Have Known "When you flash up on my phone, I no longer feel alone".
I hope she does. Cya soon !

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Strange eating habits

I mentioned on Thursday that I was back on the antibiotics again.

I jokingly call them "diet pills" because they demaand a no eating window around taking them. The recommendation is :

No food 2 hours before
No food 1 hour after (it's an either or but I take it as a both)
Take 4 a day

If you take that literally, it's one every six hours and 3 hours of no munchies around each one. No snacking for 12 hours a day ! Someone like me might fade away with a diet like that.

It's good actually. It's a discipline that forces you to arrange your munching around the recommended 3 meals a day, with the fourth gap being sleepy time. So the ideal pattern for pill taking time is :

6am - pill - this actually happens when I wake up, which is usually about 7.30 am.
I usually get in to work around 9.00 to 9.15 depending on traffic which gives loads of time to hunt and devour a teacake before 10am, which is the next cut off time.
12noon - pill. Add an hour for a lunch at about 1pm.
3.15ish - sneaky afternoon munchie + hot chocolate at work. It gives me an excuse to walk away from the desk for a few minutes, which lets me restore a bit of focus. I can work straight for many hours but I find it best if I have a break for more calories at a certain time.
6pm - pill. Hopefully taking the pill at this time will let me avoid diving into the chippie or chinese on the way home from work. Although one plan was to raid Sainsburys on Tuesday (I'm travelling again, coming back early so I'll have the car) and pill time will mean forgoing visiting the Frankie and Bennys next to work.
12midnight - pill before bedtime. The 2 hours before mean no snacktime before bedtime.

It's a good discipline to have, even if you're not taking pills. Grazing is really bad for the waistline.

Hopefully it'll get my weight trend back on the right track, it's been going up for a little while and I need to arrest that and turn it round. But in the meantime :
Yep. It's tempting. And I do love my pizzas.

So much for the habits, how about the effect ?

I'm seeing nicely dramatic improvements. Most of my skin is back to silky smooth although the damaged bits are still evident. They are, however, repairing nicely. The progress is delightful. In a few days, my knees may be clear enough to allow me to wear the knee pads which are a vital pre-requisite to me doing physical exercise. I'm going to walk before I do the running thing though.

Yeah - the antibiotics (not had to use much of the gunk outside of the first day) have had a greatly appreciated effect. I'm not celebrating just yet though. I've had similar improvements before which fade away again after the course of drugs finishes. It's as if some of the pernicious infection finds a place to hide until it's safe to come out again.

I'm somewhat cautious there, by ensuring I only wear stuff that I've washed since starting on the course of drugs. And I have my washing machine set to 60 degrees, which should hopefully deal with a few of those nasties. That should isolate one vector for the nasties to hide in. Hopefully the bugs will stay away this time.

It'll take some time for the bad bits to repair. Typically it takes 3 days for cuts on me to heal. But it'll take maybe a month for wounds to disappear completely.

I have my fingers crossed, it's good progress so far, long may it continue.

I'm a little sad though - it's been a relaxing weekend but I've missed a couple of opportunities again. It was the local reenactor's market, this would have been an interesting day out. A friend went and I was genuinely curious about coming along. But - still tired and lacking the energy levels for the wander. That's the same with the other thing this weekend, Chinese New Year celebrations. I was genuinely curious about that too. I opted for restorative sleep time instead. I'm needing to ration the energy somewhat at the moment.

That goes a bit for the gaming too - I'm concentrating on games that don't need much interaction at the moment. I have a few games that have my attention at the moment :

Elite Dangerous - not playing this at the moment. It needs active piloting and some degree of concentration. I'm usually too tired in the week for this and have avoided it this weekend. But ... at some point I want to upgrade that Cobra to a spec that'll let me head off and explore the galaxy. And you can do that in this game, explore the known galaxy.

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol - it's a WW1 fighter pilot game. It's very simple and reasonably complex at the same time. It's very reminiscent of a card game I played with the gaming group a good few years ago. Interesting, well presented and gives a little challenge too.

Sunless Sea - a new one where you're the captain of a steamship in a cyberpunk world. The tagline is "Lose your mind, eat your crew". It models hunger, fuel and terror. Interesting game again, interesting enough for me to pick it up after watching the Totalbiscuit and Kim videos on it. I enjoyed my first look at this one today.

This War Of Mine - difficult subject, your game characters are people attempting to survive in a war torn city, under siege from snipers during the day. You have to collect sufficient material, food and supplies to allow them to survive. It's difficult, somewhat depressing too. I suspect I'll only do a couple of playthroughs of this one.

And then there's Moo2 as well. I've been winning a few of these games, although I've not taken one to the grindy conclusion for a while. There comes a tipping point where you become unstoppable, if you're not attacked up to that point.

Yep. Good times, although I'm not really feeling that.

It's welcome seeing and feeling the improvements in my outsides but it's the nature of depression that your mental state tends to hide any improvements that happen.

I'm not in a depressive cycle as such, although it has been a few days since I got a message from Cupid's Gift. Those have been a real lift.
Before I go - a suggestion for the Elite devs, they really need to implement those as an addition to the game !

Thursday, February 19, 2015

50 Shades of ... Dragon ?

I had one of those daft ideas today.

I thought I'd share it with you :
I'm not quite sure if the little fella knows what he's auditioning for. We better not tell him, Pocket Dragons are fragile things and are embarassed easily.

It's something that certainly is grabbing more than it's fair share of attention at the moment. The movie that is. (And the books when they were all the rage).

Am I going to go see it ? No. Unless that is, I get one of those offers I can't possibly refuse. Yep. If a Pretty Lady asks me to spend time with her, then I'll do anything to make it happen. I think that's the only way I'll watch this particular movie though. From what I've read about it, the subject matter is twisted and make invoke the part of me that likes to throw stuff.

We shall see. Opinions are mixed :

There are the people who want it banned and all copies burned;
There are the curious;
There are the ones looking for a cheap thrill, no matter the ethics;
There are the people who have seen it and enjoyed it.

My opinion ? Make your own minds up about it. Go see if you're curious, tell people what you thought. One reason I'm avoiding it is because there are plenty more films out there at the moment, excellent and good films. And there's only so much time to watch them all.

If you're only able to watch one cinema film over the next few weeks, watch Big Hero 6. Don't waste your time on anything else. The Craziemob watched Big Hero 6 on Tuesday and it's ... outstanding. Definitely the best film of 2015 so far.

Other news ...

I've finally had that doctor's appointment ! She was surprised when I told her it's been worse. And it has been worse. I've been at "steadily improving, never getting better" for quite a few months now as my outsides improve a bit and then worsen again.

Result from the appointment - more antibiotics, some anti-histamines, good gunk and nuke standard gunk. The nuke standard gunk (Betnovate Valerate) is amazing. My ankles were shredded (nasty yep) on Monday and an application of the nuke-gunk sorted that out enough for 3 good days. So that stuff should help out a lot over the next little while.

Hopefully the stuff from this last visit will polish off the healing and get me back to All Fixed Proper Job. We'll see.

I've also been away to the Mall tonight. I felt the need for a wander :-) What did I get ?

Thorntons is still very dangerous. Haha. I have sweeties.

HMV got raided too. I spotted a couple in 2 for £10 and that kinda cascaded :

Echosmith - Talking Dreams. Heard one track a while ago, thought it was pretty cool.
Linda Rondstadt collection - legend singer.
Meghan Trainor - Title - loved All About That Bass when I heard it.
Taylor Swift - Fearless. Expecting more pleasant stuff here.

See ? I couldn't go without new music to listen to for long !

One last pic before I go :
That made me chuckle when I spotted it the other day :-) Thought it was appropriate for the post-doctor post :-).

If you go see Fifty Shades, lemme know what you think of it. I'm curious :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy New Year !

Waait ... wasn't that a couple of months ago ?

Not for everyone.

There's a significant proportion of the planet who celebrate the Chinese New Year, it's also known as the Spring Festival. Quite fitting for a celebration to emphasize the starting of new life, which is always something most certainly worth celebrating.

There's lots more here at the wiki page (linky). But that's very dry. Let me first say :
That fella used to be the Happy Mother's Day dwagon (which will come out again soon) and I've been having far too much fun in GIMP sending messages to assorted people using him as a base. I think I've got it about right in this one, letters could be bigger. But they look fairly right. The others suffer from either bad colours or unsuitable fonts.

I do like this one though.

I said that Wiki page was a bit dry didn't I ? SHOUT OUT TIME !

One reason I'm becoming more aware of non-English festivals like these is due to being educated by a wonderful little lady. (Perhaps Cupid's Gift will introduce me to more of these festivals too ?)

I've talked about lovely Kim lots here, you're probably bored of it by now ! Well, bear with me cos her explanation of the festival is way better than anything I could do and Kim's commentary is far warmer than anything on that Wiki page.

Linky !

Go on - have a watch and give it a bit of time because she gets more into the culture later on. I hope you'll enjoy that video for the culture, the fun inherent in that voice and the commentary. There's a mischievous laugh always bubbling away, waiting to burst out and brighten everyone's day.

But ... Kim's not managed to get to be with family this year and is getting a bit lonely. Poor Kim. That can only mean :
(Except I'm not - I'm in need of a shower and a drying out before bedtime - but the thought's there !)

Your fans love you Kim, for your content, your personality, that laugh and the mischievous nature that always has a surprise in store for us.

Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates this particular festival. A lot of the festivals are commercial inventions. I said that at the weekend with Valentines. But this one - it's all about family, ancestors, new life and celebration.

Which is Good. Cya !

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

15 Things About Introverts

I read this today and recognised a lot in it.


It's a list of what people don't understand about us introverts. I'll happily admit to being part of the club, although if I get talking, people have trouble getting me to stop. Same if I go hyperactive too, which is happily happening more and more. I do have a bad side to that talking though, I tend to talk about me too much instead of letting other people talk about themselves. I don't like that and must try to let the other people natter.
Very true.

So - about these introverty things ? The linky above has what they think but I thought I'd give my perspective on it :

1 - Small talk sucks
Not so sure here. Because small talk is a means to feeling connected with people and I do need that connection. I like the feeling of being included in a group but (see crowds) there's a limit. I do find it difficult to get that inspiration to break a silence though. Silence isn't that comfortable for me.

2 - Being alone is fine
This is one of my contrasts. I'm happy being on my own and will do group things like cinema watching on my own. But - I do have that need to be connected. The internet does a lot of that for me, with Facebook (not so good now because of their silly filters) and Twitter. But it does get frustrating when you reach out to people with comments and get nothing in return. Today's been a happy contrast there, with a few Pretty Ladies giving me Favourites or replies.

3 - We aren't rude or uptight
It can just take time to overcome the Threat indicators that tend to light up when unfamiliar people appear. Can I trust them ? Will they take what I say and twist it when they pass it on ? (That's a learned thing - I've been a victim of gossip in the past). It's why we take it pretty hard when we don't get replies when we break down that wall and reach out to people.

4 - Sometimes, we swing both ways
Oo-er. Yep. I'm quiet and can take time to warm up but when I do start talking, it can be difficult to get me to stop. When I played badminton, I'd ignore the high percentage winning shots and go for the most spectacular one that popped into my head. But when I bowled and got wickets, I didn't tend to be overextravagant when celebrating, despite having enough adrenaline going to argue with umpires.

5 - We have friends. And they like us ! Probably.
We're never quite sure where we stand. There's a little lady who keeps sending me messages which send my happiness level into the stratosphere (she thinks I have a lovely surname ...) but our low confidence doesn't let us really Believe that good things happen like that. Same with work, without that constant feedback and pats on the back, our confidence dips to where we don't think we're being effective.

6 - When with the right people, we feel safe
I tell some people some things, I tell other people more. There's a filter that goes on these posts where I don't talk too much about work (I work with Cool Things) and I keep other people's confidences. Not many people know I had a brother.

7 - We like to write things out
Wall Of Text incoming

8 - We're super productive
When I figure things out, I can go into a Robot Mode where I do things very quickly and as efficiently as possible. And at other times, my brain will tunnel vision focus in on stuff and get those fingers tapping.

9 - If we don't like you, you won't know it.
Very true. But I like to think that if I do like someone, they will definitely realise it. Sometimes I can be too subtle though.
10 - Networking events suck
See that small talk thing again about not knowing the right things to say at the right time. Or thinking of wonderful things to say, hours after the opportunity would have occurred.

11 - We don't like crowds
I like being around people. But I also do an automatic assessment of everyone I see and everyone who is around me and that can quite quickly go to assigning "Threat" statuses to everyone. That's bad I know but there's a certain point where I have to be elsewhere when people start crowding in on me.

12 - Sorry, we probably weren't listening to your story
Ok - that's what they say. I'm usually listening and I'll file it away somewhere for later, although my memory damage is interfering with that these days. But there's also a chance that my brain has diverted itself into planning some grand scheme, it's taking something mechanical apart, it's checking out the architecture, it's identifying the music (all this at the same time) and my attention has wandered. Naughty I know and I apologise if you catch me at it :-).

13 - Don't make a fuss out of our birthdays
The worst birthday I've had was when I was on a course. The other people on the course found out ... and dragged me to a bar where they insisted I drink shots. I'm not a regular drinker, so you can imagine part of me was screaming inside. Yep. That was a bad, tortuous birthday. I was very ill too.
Nah - my preferred birthday is to come into work as normal (to be around people), nip out to get the cakes at a cunningly chosen time (1 hour before lunchtime when people are hungriest) and tell everyone in sight and in range (email counts there) that they really need to Grab Cake. I love that. It lets me celebrate the birthday and people usually disappear quickly after grabbing the cake.

14 - We don't want to make a fuss out of your birthday.
Not so sure here. I'd like to be invited to birthday thingies. Not yet mind, I'm still rarely in a state where I want to go out in public (but improving)

15 - If we've chosen to be friends with you, appreciate it.
See above comments about taking it hard when I don't get replies. I can appreciate people being busy and missing replies but ... if you never get a reply from someone you've reached out to ? That's very rude. I have a simple philosophy there :

I will continue reaching out, because that's who I am. I don't want to change that.
Some people I'll have fun with as they communicate.
Other people I'll expect to have ignore me. I now shrug there ... their loss.

Oh dear - this has turned into mega Wall Of Text hasn't it ... see no 7 !
I thought I'd finish on something completely random that I saw earlier. Cya !

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Can we change the world ?

Just saw the pic below, realised I hadn't posted anything today ... thought ...

Perfect :
Enjoy your day and may it be a loving one.

That's my current avatar of choice. I'll keep that one until tomorrow until I change it to a Happy Chinese New Year dwagon.

PS I've had someone call me "my lovely" today - can't remember when that last happened on a Valentines Day !

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Almost that day again ...


Almost that day when couple and singles alike are united in dread. It's daft that isn't it ? Valentines Day should be about love, unconditional love. Except :

If you're single then you're made to feel broken or otherwise Not Right on this day of all days if you don't have the excuse to treat someone.
If you're a couple, then it's an utter nightmare to find somewhere intimate to have that lovely dinner with your partner.

That's the impression I used to have. It was better to have that quiet night in where you could devote your attention completely to your partner in comfort. If you went out, that intimate dinner would be shared with all and sundry, if you could even get a table.

Besides - it doesn't take it being the calendar pointing to a certain day to mean you need an excuse to make a partner feel special.
I like to think I make people feel special all the time. Well, most of the time. I have that grin of mine which seems to be really contagious, getting people joining in. Especially the ladies. Perhaps that's because it tends to come out most for the Pretty Ladies ?

I dunno - there's something about the beauty that all ladies have which makes me want to see that beauty smiling. And I guess there's an innocence in that grin that brings out that smile.
This year will be a little different.

I have no set plans, for this weekend at least. Part of that is because my legs are currently speaking to me. They're saying that they hope I die a horrible, painful death. Yep. True. They really don't like me at the moment. But I'm ignoring them and keeping on using them. They're a little better on the outsides than yesterday, hopefully that improvement will continue although if I were to expose those legs to the unwary, they'd probably be ill.

Yep. Still looking like I've been dragged through those thornbushes. And the legs may actually be in worse shape on the insides (they're not but they are making me very uncomfortable).

Different this year ?

I'll be texting that little lady with the big personality and the enchanting bubbly chuckle. And I'll be looking forward to Comic Con in March. I have the playlist for the car all ready, there's a tonne of amazing music on it.

(I'm still amazed by how good Untouched is by The Veronicas - that's probably my favourite song now out of the 13,000 in the library, although Song For The Leftovers and any number of other Nina Persson songs competes)

Yep. My personality is still going on those sub-orbital jaunts when it gets a message coming through. That's one advantage of my memory (when it works properly!), I can hear that bubbly chuckle as I read the messages.

I'm rambling now though. I hope people have a good weekend.

I'm hoping for a restful one as I still have a tonne of repairs that I need my body to do so it hates me less. I may end up going out to see a certain film if a Pretty Little Lady comes calling :-) Not quite sure what to make of Fifty Shades. From what I hear, it's a very sexy, kinky tale. However, from what I hear, it crosses a line over into the territory of rape. I don't know how I'd feel if I watched that. It would definitely make me uncomfortable and quite probably make me very angry.

Don't be too tempted by what the commercial people demand you do though. If you love another, you don't need to show that this particular weekend by heading out. Make her feel special every day of the year. This weekend is just something the commercial people dreamed up.

Does that sound smothering ?

Sometimes the greatest gift is time. And that can translate into giving that time to others by being available when they need you. Just being around to chuckle at their jokes. To bounce off what they say with comments. To give them a hug when they're sad. To lend strength when they're weak. To indulge them in their whims.
I hope people have a good weekend, whether they spend it with someone, talking to someone from a distance or even just ignoring that whole commercial construct which is Valentines.

Cya ! Oh ! I will be indulging in another commercial construct coming very soon.
Mini Eggs are awesome.

PS I think I found the message I was searching for - it's not the Day that's special, it's the people. Make every day a valentines day by trying to make people feel special at every opportunity.