Sunday, December 21, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 21 - Santa

I've already done one Santa pic, way back for day 5 - Red.

But, today - here's one I've been using as an avatar all month :
Dragon Santa !

Had to be done. I'll use him as my avatar all through December.

I've treated myself today. I had a mad moment where I paid the (probably exorbitant) price for Elite : Dangerous. It's £40 at the moment, which I consider a bit hefty. But I paid it anyway because I remember all that time sunk into the original Elite. Need to get my flightstick out again for this one and to dust off the printer for the keyboard layout.

On gaming, I've just watched a lovely chilled out stream from Pippa Warr (@philippawarr) about a game that's coming out very soon, called How To Build A Snowman. It's a simple puzzle game, utterly charming. And I got a lovely chuckle when I linked over the Internet Hug pic :-) (there was a bauble related reason). I think I may be tuning in for more if she does more.

More pics ?
One more :
Muahaha. Have a good evening everyone.

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