Friday, December 12, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 12 - Joy is ...

Let's see.

What could be more appropriate than :
Yep. It had to be pizza.

That's a BBQ Meat Feast pizza done by my current favoured pizza outlet, the Pizza Hut Delivery that's really close to where I live. I can hit the button to confirm a web order, put on shoes & outside stuff and still walk there with a few minutes to spare before it comes out of the oven (never rush food, especially pizza). I reckon it's actually quicker to walk there than it would be to take the car.

I'd actually prefer to walk, it offsets some of the calories that are in the pizza.

Demolishing a pizza is still something that satisfies one of those Make Pete Happy things. It fills me up, it's tasty, including multiple different tastes and it satisfies the naughty guilty pleasure aspect. I do pay for it later though, I'm developing a minor lactose intolerance. Nothing really serious, certain foods (including pizza and cheese) make me produce too much acid. I'm usually prepared for a great deal of trouble getting to sleep the night after having a pizza.

I have a few other known allergies too, the most serious is citrus/orange. I had two connected incidents where I nearly carted myself off to hospital due to having a great deal of trouble breathing. That was directly linked to having orange juice and white bread ...

Wait ...
More joy ?
I'll be going to see Hobbit 3 twice over the next few days. The second will be with Cupid's Gift on Monday night and I'm expecting that to be huge fun. Mostly cos she's good fun. This sounds conceited but it's rare that I find people who can keep up with me. CG definitely can.

Joy is - having someone who you can communicate with on an equal level. That's verbally, non verbally and most important, offering the gift of your time.

One frustration I've had is where I reach out to people and they don't communicate back. I like writing nice things about people and I like it more when I know they've appreciated seeing what I wrote. So you can imagine my frustration when I tell people about the nice things and they completely ignore it. Yep. I'm talking about yesterday's post. Let's just say I won't be doing a shout out to someone's channel tomorrow for "presents" ! A pity. As I genuinely admire the people I talked about but if they give me the blanking treatment, then honestly ? that's their loss.

Back to joy ?
Happy T-Rex is happy.
Sad T-Rex is sad.
Driving fast, usually at ludicrous speeds around corners, used to be a big joy. Actually, it still is, the problem is finding the places to drive at the ludicrous speeds and corners that give the challenge. That's a drawback to having a car that handles speed the way it does, both in a straight line and in the corners. The IS handles the turns extremely well and insulates you from feeling the high speeds.
Last one for today - Smiles are Awesome.

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