Monday, December 15, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 15 - Decorations

I don't have much time today, before heading out for Hobbit 3 so ... short post.

(And there was much rejoicing !)
That's the lights outside Cribbs Causeway, our local Mall.

Beside the castle thingy (pink/purple on left), there's an open air ice rink and various sellers of goodies. Things like hats / scarces, sweeties, hog roast, chestnuts, all the stuff you'd expect from an outdoor christmas theme market thingy. And typically overpriced of course.

I'll be heading back into town again tonight to watch Hobbit 3, hence me looking to get this post off quickly. Cupid's Gift finishes work late, so early dinner for me. (That's a shame, I haven't had the chance to buy dinner for a Pretty Lady in ... years).

Hobbit 3 is kind of a 2.5 film. It finishes off the story pretty well. And it goes beyond the book to fill in all the gaps. When the trilogy bluray comes out, I'll enjoy doing a marathon epic of Hobbit x3 followed by LOTR x3. I have a few more of those coming up too, there's a few movies coming out that continue series :

Star Wars - must see.
Jurassic World
And I'll watch Divergent again before seeing Insurgent.

It should be good times for films next year.

Decorations ?
May your's stay intact and unmolested through this season of temptation for our pets.

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