Thursday, December 04, 2014

Day 4 - Ornaments

You'll like this one.

If I put the tree up, I definitely need one of those.

Wonder if Forbidden Planet do them ?

Firefly was a wonderful series. I think it got so popular, so quickly because it was so well acted with huge amounts of humour. But not just that. There was a certain sense of freedom that I think would appeal to anyone. The sort of freedom where you set your own rules, your own agenda, see new scenery every time you make port and a bit of danger too.

That independence from authority, from legal interfence, from idiots who don't know how to run their affairs properly (translation - all politicians) and from idiots who grab in resources from everything they don't have in order to make it cheaper for themselves (translation - all politicians).

Am I being too rough on the politicians there ? Hmm.


I'm hoping to make another run into Bristol centre tomorrow. Partly to get me out and about and wandering around, partly because it will give me a chance to get pictures :
6 - Christmas Lights
7 - Shopping (got one but it's rubbish)
13 - Presents (to be honest, I think this'll be either lifted from Hannah or somewhere else on the internet)
14 - Hot Drink (am now a confirmed hot chocolate addict again)
15 - Decorations

I can get the pictures from the internet but I'd prefer to supply my own. Cos that makes the meme more uniquely mine. Still wondering what I'll put in for Reflect 2014 though. (Yep - it says 2013 but ... I can't remember that long ago - or is it wanting to remember 2013 ?). Lol - thinking about it, I was more Zombie Like in 2013 with more visible nasty patches.

I'm steadily improving, although the conditions at work don't help. We work in air recirculated buildings and the air is incredibly dry. Most people remark on it. I'm continually with a mug of coffee to stave off the dehydration. It gives some of my colleagues headaches while it makes my hands superdry.

The Xmas break will definitely help there.

Cya tomorrow with another pic - you'll like tomorrow's pic. Muahaha.

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