Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 31 - Review year

Whatever pic could I use for this one ...

Here's one :
Credit to the artists there - it's one I acquired off Google. Doesn't he just look as if that's a gleeful rubbing of paws before a ceremonial burning of the tree ?

Here's another, just for you all who are going partying tonight :
If you're heading out, have a great party.

How's this year been ? It's been a slowly recovering year. I'm feeling my age in more ways than one with a sore skeleton joining in with the ongoing skin damage. But ... That outside damage is steadily improving. I hoped to beat it and be back to normal by Xmas but - not to be. It is steadily showing signs of improvement though, when I let it. It's still ridiculously easy to do damage to it in seconds that takes days to repair.

Personally, things have been in a holding pattern while I fix. Both professionally and personally. Well, for most of the year at least. Professionally, I have a chance to move out of a job which I'm not all that happy about doing at the moment. It keeps me with eyes on how things are developing technically but it's a few steps away from having any useful influence on that.

Personally, a lot of the year was spent wasted chasing a Pretty Lady off the internets. If you're a regular, you'll know how much I've written about little lady Kim and you'll have seen my increasing frustration with the lack of any feedback or responses. She is a remarkable little lady but, I'm increasingly wondering if the private face is somewhat different to the public face. No. I don't really think that's true as her colleagues all speak of her in glowing terms ... and no one with a brilliant smile like that could have any nastiness in her soul.

No - I think it's more a case of comfort zone. As in, she'll interact with those who she knows but to break into that small circle ? Not possible.

It won't stop the occasional mentions of her and her colleagues. I use this blog to write about what I enjoy and I still enjoy watching their content. Or at least some of it. Their output is heavily dominated by Minecraft and that's suffering creatively. It's soured in the last few months and I've stopped watching all of the Minecraft content. That's leaving Hannah's playthroughs and Rythian's playthroughs. There are also party game (Mario Kart) videos but the secret of their success is that their commentary includes the viewer in the fun, I find that the party game videos exclude the viewer.

That's a pity - but there's still plenty of content to enjoy. And as my health picks up, I'm back to looking at doing my own gaming. (Later).

Talking personally though - I have to mention another little lady who I've been calling Cupid's Gift. She's lovely. I hope to see her again soon. She has a lovely chuckle and getting one of those messages through from her warms my heart and makes me smile.

Yep. I hope to see her again soon and from there ? Who knows !
Poor pusscat.

Fingers crossed for a happier 2015 than 2014 has been.

Oh - I mentioned games - I've been enjoying the new Elite Dangerous game. It's a space game that's a full, proper follow up to the original space game, Elite. Happily, it's like the fully Newtonian physics that wrecked Elite 2 and 3 (Frontier) are gone, with gameplay being king again. It's a fairly pretty game, although that's beauty in the eye of the beholder talking again. It's early days for me, with me still in the starter ship steadily earning the credits to upgrade to something better. Oh and getting distracted by an almost disastrous bit of gun running too. Haha. Oops. I haven't done much combat yet but I'm hoping that my skills haven't eroded to the point where I get on the wrong end of it.

Yep. Whereas it took 5 minutes to realise WoW is no longer my game, it took about 5 minutes in the combat tutorial for me to start getting addicted to Elite again. I've also had some amusement out of a game called Plague Inc, where you evolve a Nastie (bacteria, virus, fungus etc) to destroy the world. It's tough to succeed. Oh my, Steam sales are dangerous ...

But - Real Life People beat Games beat Videos. And I'll be hoping to getting out more or ... possibly staying in more (with a certain person staying in with me ? ;-) ) in the next year.

Stop the Press ! One pic just in that missed yesterday :
Last pic - now that Xmas is over, it's time to look forward to that other great holiday of the year :
Bring on the Mini Eggs !

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