Sunday, December 14, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 14 - Hot Drink

I headed off into town again today. One reason :
Yep. I am addicted to the hot chocolate again.

Today it was from the German Market, that day it was SohocoffeeCo hot chocolate. And when she asks "marshmallows and cream too ?" You know what the answer is. Yes, it's bad for me. But it's sooo Goood !!!!

This time of year isn't the best to venture into the shops on the weekend. Even on a Sunday. The main car park was absolutely full and the next one on route was getting there too. Expensive as well ! £3.20 for an hour. Crikey. There's a reason why city centre trips don't happen as often as I'd like. The shops, munchie places and facilities are better but the cost of parking drives people away.

So how come I went in, despite knowing it would be packed out ?

Tickets for Hobbit;
Getting out and about;
Happy Cookie Place

Not sure how many more times I'll get chance to raid the Happy Cookie Place, the Xmas market in Bath closes today so I've missed that for another year. Oh well.

There were enough people going to the market that they ran out of half meter Bratwurst !

Looks like I didn't need to get tickets early (girl on the till reckons not many have been sold yet) but I'm glad I got the chance to get out of the house. I have a mix of hyperactivity tendency and tiredness at the moment. When I got out of the car park and into walking, the hyperactivity was driving me into ZOOM. I walk fast when I feel that need. But after a while, the lack of conditioning in my legs was becoming apparent. Ouch.

I'm watching 2010 at the moment. Wonder if the boys managed to see 2001 today ? 2010 is the sequel, it sees a joint US and Russian mission going out to find out what happened to the Discovery. (Hiding spoilers!) The book was written at a time when the USSR was still a valid superpower, instead of a bankrupt one that likes to rattle the sabre occasionally.

I'm at the point where they're about to board a derelict Discovery.

It's a decent film. Not watched it for ages now. The science in there is still valid now, having been based on principles that weren't compromised by the need to jazz it up for the story (I'm looking at you Interstellar !).

I'd better get back to the movie ...
Pretty much sums up the condition of my legs today !


  1. Didn't manage to see 2001. Did see Bladerunner though! It was PACKED in there though I suspect that the average age was at least 35!!!

  2. Need to watch Bladerunner again. Perhaps a queuing up of a bluray bought months ago that I haven't got around to watching yet !


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